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Monday, October 16, 2006

A New Day For Mr. Weiner

I am sure this is a question that many of you are asking. It is a new day for me, a new beginning, and though I am not totally changing the thrust of my blog, Mr. Weiner is experiencing a new day (thanks Kiersten), and a new place to do it just seemed fitting.

The title, yes I know, the title. Well, it is not any secret that the bathroom is a refuge to the men in our culture. Many of us stay in there long enough to read War and Peace through twice. Eddie Van Halen wrote many songs while in the bathroom. And sometimes we just happen to have moments of great epiphany while in there as well. Why they come when the Browns go to the SuperBowl, I don't know, they just seem to. Well, the other day, I was getting into my ambitious habits, and nature called on line 2. I was in and out in less than 5 minutes. Jen commented she thought that I had never been quicker taking care of my business in there, and I said, "That is because from now on I am daring to live my life outside the bathroom." That is my motto and battle cry from now on.

"The Long Road There" just seems like an unfitting attitude for my new perspective. Whether the road is long or short, I travel it with passion and with joy. I am ready to embrace my future, and I feel like moving on from a pessemistic title is part of that.

So welcome to my new digs, not significantly different from my old ones. I will keep Big J's little blog up, but I don't know if it will keep going or simply become an archive. I'll decide that and let you know.

I ended up with this link on a completely innocent post that had nothing to do with any of this subject matter, but I don't know why the Google ads put it up. It was interesting though. I just always ask, "Why me?" Here it is: Breastfeeding Bracelet - www.milkbands.com - Tracks which side, what time & how long - all on one wrist! $5.95

So, welcome to my new world, one filled with only the passion, joy, and hope that a live lived strongly after the Lord brings.

Starting strong,



Looney Mom said...

Interesting. I just don't get how men can spend so much time in the bathroom, uuhhmm... ahem, taking care of business.

I'm glad you've decided to spend less time in the toitie. It's good to get out once in a while...

About the milkbands... I just keep thinking what will "they" think of next? It's always something weird.

And it would be cool if you and Jen could come out for a vacation next year!

Niki said...

I tried to be your first comment...oh well! ;) Not so sure about the name...I liked some of your slogans better...but hey - I'm here anyway.

You crack me up!! Breastfeeding bracelets??? Not a bad idea necessarily, but YOU posted about it. That's funny - I don't care who you are!

Soph said...

Te loves Van Halen (and also spends too much time in the bathroom- that's where he reads ESPN).

I'm glad things are going well. It's nice to read your post, you sound happy and full of energy, what's your secret?

Sophie (who is happy, but tired)

Kathy Brown said...

I like it! I never thought of your other title as pessimistic, but now that you point it out.....well, I'm just glad you changed it! Looking forward to your posts.