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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Other Causes of Transformation

Today I'm drinking Rasberry Green Tea and Perfectly Pear White Tea, both by Celestial Seasonings. I like the Blueberry Green Tea better, but I had never tried the other kind and bought it on a whim yesterday. This white tea is much better than the White Tea with Tangerine, also made by Celestial Seasonings. It also has a hint of vanilla. As Jimmy on Ed, Edd n Eddy would say, "Dreamy."

Speaking of Ed, Edd n Eddy, even though none of you care, I have to pimp my favorite cartoon. They just released the complete first season on DVD! I snapped it up for a steal of a price at $15 on Amazon.com, plus got free shipping! I also ponied up the small amount of cash for the other DVD that has just some random episodes thrown on it. These are classic comedic gold and I don't know how far they'll take the full season releases.

You know, I have talked much of "hate" inspired transformation, and this is true. But there was something that triggered that. More than just a commercial about a diesel made by Honda for use in England. The other day, my boss walked into the Uniform Room (my station in life right now). I was genuinely ashamed and bothered by how I had let it go. It was a nightmare. He hadn't been here in a while, so my counter-part has been doing absolutely nothing. Just sitting on the computer, not even making the rounds that she is required to do. My response to that was, "I'm not picking up after her!" I have come to realize that in my spite of not wanting her to capture any praise for a job she isn't doing that I had captured the shame of the job that she isn't doing. So, she can steal some of my glory. It's okay, as the Lord knows what I am doing, and I am working to please Him, not man, anyhow. I have also begun to learn that taking care of the little things lays the foundation for the success of the big things.

These commercials are making me laugh lately:

I love the look on Shatner's face when he says, "What? I can't use that line?"

This is a random one I came across on YouTube. This is in many ways very resembling of Jen and I in the car. Nowadays, I know where I'm going before I get there. And Jen has gotten better over time.

There is so much I love about this commercial, but mostly when the black guy says, "The World!" in whispered excitement with that comical look of wonder on his face. This song gets stuck in my head some days, but the funny thing is that I don't mind (now you really know that I'm not kidding when I talk about a whole new me). If you think about it, no matter how comical in thrust, it is a peaceful song with peaceful thoughts to sing. There is some powerful imagery in the message of this commercial too, but I'll let you leave comments on what you think it might be and reveal the things that I noticed later. I'm too tired to give it a real serious effort today.

Speaking of tired, please be praying for Jen and I. I am sleeping on a cot many nights because she keeps me awake with her kicking and moving around. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I haven't slept well more than a handful of times over the last 4 years. Most of the motion is caused by nightmares she has, so please be praying about that too. Neither of us like sleeping alone, but I am about 100% more rested and more effective when I do.

The below links tell the sad story of the death of a journalist in Chechnya and paint a completely different picture there than what I ever thought was going on. Russia is still so backwards that they are in the darkages, and Putin has much of the world fooled into thinking he is not the new Stalin, but he is. Read for yourself:

This next story just proves that, as Randy Alcorn says in the Purity Principle, "purity is always wise and impurity is always stupid." Not only does divorce destroy families, but it literally pays off to stay together in the long run:

And, finally, here is why you can no longer just trust anyone who claims to be a "learned professional in the field." Trust must be established for someone to be believable.

I know that nobody will probably read all of these articles, but it is worth reading the first three or four paragraphs of each.

Well, I'm off to be as effective as my tired brain and body will allow me.


Looney Mom said...

Oh man. I totally know how it is when you just don't get good sleep. I feel for both of you. I will pray for you both because you shouldn't have to sleep separately just to get some decent sleep.

And thanks for your comment on my WW pic. You are so kind. But he is pretty cute isn't he? ;)

Kathy Brown said...

I'll pray for you and Jen. Love the story about what happened at work and your taking responsibility for it. God is doing a work in you and revealing things to you right now -- and you are embracing it. That's pretty awesome.

Delia said...

I'll also pray for you and Jen, that she can be eased of her nightmares and that ya'll can rest well together.

And the work situation...maybe seeing you take on some of her responsibilities will encourage your counter-part to do more for herself. Then again, maybe she won't. Either way, you're doing good for yourself not for her.