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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rediscovering the One True Sovereign Joy

Here is an email that I sent one of my former instructors from Multnomah Bible College, last night. I'll allow the text to speak for itself.


Dear Dr. G,

Tonight I was reading your book (updated version). I can still recall the afternoon that Jen and I came over to help with the editing. You gave us each a copy, only one signed, but we have held on to that copy as a special family treasure. The other we have shared for the edification of others.

Allow me to get back on track: I have been going through much difficulty as of late. I work a job that keeps me in a dark room with no one around. There is but one small window that is too high to look through to see out. For an outdoor loving extrovert, it has been incredibly difficult and has severely impacted the amount of joy I have felt, my mental health, and my walk with the Lord. Well, I have come to a crossroads on a difficult decision. I have to choose to either leave this job to take a new opportunity, or to stay. With all the stress and strain this position has put me under, you'd figure that'd be an easier one, but there are other things to consider. So, since your book so nicely coordinates the Scriptures and practical/wise/godly life principles, I went back to it looking for the answer. What I found was so much greater. It pointed me back to the Great and True Sovereign Joy I have missed for so long. It helped me to balance the wisdom of Scripture with what I do in life.

I feel odd as I rail against the voices in my head that tell me "DON'T DO THUS AND SUCH!" or "YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD REALLY BE DOING SO AND SO!" I have wrongly listened to them for so long that it is a hard habit to break for someone with such an over-developed sense of conscience. Now I can hear God again, and I burn with passion to listen! I desperately desire to crack open the Scriptures and memorize (using also a method of your teaching) so that He may speak to me more and more and louder and louder for His true purposes.

I remember a time in my life a few years ago when I was a total spiritual wreck. I read your book and it brought me back to Him. Much has transpired since then. I have been through more than I imagined that the Lord would have put me through (or perhaps I unwittingly put myself through). I got off course. As a ship lost at sea in the fog, your book again became the instruction manual for me on how to read the compass (His Word) and the stars (His Spirit and guiding) to save me from wrecking. Oh, how my soul rejoices!

I have always loved you and looked up to you as my spiritual father, as Timothy saw Paul, probably more than you know. Your passion for God, your even temperament and your wisdom became attributes I so desired in my pursuit of christlikeness. My greatest regret of my years at Multnomah is that I never had the opportunity to be personally discipled by you. I am thankful to God that I was privileged to sit under you teaching in Pentateuch, and that I carry enduring principles for life from that class, and from an imperfectly aimed doctoral dissertation that became such an impactful and wonderful book, which has only had less of an impact in my life than God's Holy Word, Itself. And I will always remember that anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.

Tonight I am praising God, and rejoicing for the gift given to me by Him, and made clearer and illuminated brightly by you through your faithful exposition and handling of His word.

May God richly bless you, my beloved brother and teacher.

Very Sincerely,

Jared King


The instructor is one Dr. Garry Friesen. His book is Decision Making and the Will of God. If you have never read it, you should go to your nearest bookstore and buy it. It should be at most Christian bookstores and in most Barnes & Nobles or Borders. An excellent accompanying book would be The Legacy of Sovereign Joy by John Piper. They have turned my world upside down in so many excellent ways. Praise be to God for His faithfulness to provide teachers whose faithfully expository of the Word leads to such joy!


Kathy Brown said...

Within 48 hours I'll be out to the bookstore to get that book - thanks for the tip. Your prof is going to be very blessed by your letter. God bless.

Looney Mom said...

Wow. What a nice letter. I'm sure that will touch him deeply. I might have to check that book out. Peace, brother. I hope you're able to figure out what to do.

swan said...

I came across your blog while randomly clicking "Next blog". What a nice surprise! I'm putting this book on my wishlist for sure!