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Friday, October 27, 2006

Request For Prayer

I am really in need of prayer right now. I am beginning to feel like I am under spiritual attack from the enemy. Here are the circumstances:

I need peace from the "inner voices." They have been relentless lately. I have always heard voices, but they have only intensified on occasion. They have gotten really bad lately. Please pray that I would be wise and seeking the Lord in prayer and through His Word as I weather this storm.

In the midst of this, Jen and I have been attending Laurelwood Baptist Church for a year and a half, and it is a really nice church. BUT, we haven't been able to make a connection with anyone in our peer group (not that we have a peer group since we are in our mid-twenties, been married for seven years, and still have no kids). The supports just aren't really there for me when I'm going through a rough period like this. It just seems like everyone is afraid to get close, which is the exact opposite of how the church is supposed to function. I'm tired of just "doing church." I'm ready to have a family style relationship with others in the church body (since that is how it is supposed to be). I'm sick of being "Brother Jared." I want to be "Jared, someone's brother born of the spirit."

Blessings to you all this weekend,



Looney Mom said...

Oh Brother Jared, I'm so sorry you are feeling this way. I know how difficult it is when you're going through that.

I'm sorry about your church situation. It's very sad that people DON'T reach out more. Maybe it's time to look for another church family? That's what we had to do and it was totally a God-thing. I'm glad you're Jared, Liz's brother born of the Spirit! Praying for you and Jen.

Niki said...

I'm still praying for you too. Let me know what happens next.

I'm with Liz on the finding a church FAMILY...one that acts like it. It took us a long time, but it happened and we have been so blessed by it.

We were also married 7 years before having kids - it's an awkward place to be sometimes, but don't fall into the trap of thinking all of your friends have to be in the same life situation as you are - you can miss out on some wonderful relationships if you do. Hang in there J!

Delia said...

I'm praying for you to have the wisdom and strength that you need now. And I agree with Liz and Niki that maybe you and Jen should find a different church family.

Zoe's Mom said...

"I'm sick of being 'Brother Jared.' I want to be 'Jared, someone's brother born of the spirit.'"

Amen, Jared! If you ever move to Ohio, I know of a great church FAMILY you can be a part of. ;)

I have been married 9 years this month, and Tim and I still have no children. We've been waiting on God for the past 2 years to provide a referral picture of our daughter from China. God is faithful. Our job is to make sure that we are to Him.

Jennifer G.

Kathy Brown said...

Praying for you.....by the way, love the note above your weather pixie "Yes, it is cold and wet in the Northwest." Dude, the temp on your pixie is 48F! Hang on now, let me check out mine . . . just a minute . . . 16F !! Hmmmmm....I believe I am in the Northwest and you must be in the far south!

Hope I just warmed up your day! :)

majeau13 said...

yo dude. It's Marc. I'm Justin's little brother. I'm glad you like my brother alot.

Anyways, the blog world is always here for you

Justin said...

Hey dude,
thanks for the name of the link-you are right-I love it!
Wish we lived within driving distance

Dapoppins said...

Will be praying for you. Even if you change churches, you may still be looking for that real relationship, my advise is, connect with men or young men new to the church you go to now, or a new Christian...because they are in the same boat you are, looking for relationships but not finding anything...

TacoDave said...

Our young adult group from church meets every Monday night at Columbia Christian School - the school right across from Multnomah Bible College.

The guys who were at my video game night are part of it. It's the first real Christian peer group I've had in a while, and it's kinda cool.

Oh, and I'm trying to set up Video Game Night 2: Wii Will Rock You. I'll let you know about it.