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Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Few Words of Wisdom From My Homeboy

Here is all I have today. It is a short excerpt fr0m an article by Lou Dobbs, and the link back to it so you can read the whole thing. It is kinda painful to read, but the truth of it cannot be denied.

This midterm election was a victory for the Democratic Party. Voters rejected the Republican Party out of hand and gave the Senate and the House of Representatives to the Democrats.

Voters chose to overturn our current one-party political structure and returned checks and balance to our government. November 7 also demonstrated that the American electorate is far more discerning and independent-minded than either political party or our elites would like to believe.

While the Democratic Party was the clear winner, I don't believe for even a moment that the Democrats' ideals prevailed over Republican ideals. Election Day was middle-class America's declaration of independence from a Republican-led administration and Congress that for six years has been telling working men and women and their families in this country to shut up, listen up and go to hell.

The middle class just returned the favor and demonstrated discernment while delivering their loud message to Washington, D.C.

For their part, the victorious Democrats have a unique opportunity to put the middle class of this country first and foremost in their policies. If they fail to do so, November 4, 2008, will be an ugly date in their destiny.

All I will add to this is, boy, I sure wish we had more than a two party system.

See this link for the full-text of the article.


Kathy Brown said...

Elections have very little to do with "ideals" in a way. Americans voted in Democrats because the economy is in the tank and since the economy is in the tank, Americans can't rationalize being involved in a war effort which costs big bucks and in which the number of lives being lost (and even affected) is increasing, not decreasing. If the economy was not in the tank, the Republicans would have probably won.

KingJaymz said...

Actually Kathy, the economy down here is booming. The problem is that it isn't translating into prosperity for the common man, which is what Lou addresses. Corporations are having profits hitting all time highs, but wages are not anywhere near matching it. And all of our jobs are going to China, Mexico, and India.

The war is a completely different subject altogether. War is war, and we have to fight terrorism on its turf or allow it to come to ours. Counting the cost as having lost more people in a day than we did the first two years of the war, I feel it is a worthwhile effort. Yes it costs money, but better it be spent on that than some pork barrel project (not that those won't continue). The people of Iraq deserve freedom and the Middle East desperately needs a legitimate, stable democracy (in addition to Israel, that is). We stand to lose so much more if we turn and walk away than we do if we stay and fight.

I don't know about you, but my voting policy is 100% about my ideals. Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy Democrats won. I voted Republican all the way because I am for the protection, not murder under false pretenses of mercy, of the innocent (elderly and babies). I'm also for free speech in the context of religion, which we are losing thanks to liberals/Democrats. That made it a real lose-lose prospect for me on voting in some real change. Who do I vote for, the guy from the "Constitution Party" who no one has ever heard of? I'm registering as an independent when I get the chance.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

Looney Mom said...

Yes; ouch! I'm disappointed but NOT surprised at the turn.

And to your comment I say, Amen! I feel the same way and voted Republican for ALL the same reasons. Good thing we have a SOVEREIGN God who is in control of it all. I don't put my faith in man...

Looney Mom said...

Oh! I forgot to say that you cracked me up with your comment today. Your blog is NOT worthless! It's worth a million in my book!

majeau13 said...

come to Canada. We have tons of parties

EmmaSometimes said...

All I will add to this is, boy, I sure wish we had more than a two party system.

Isn't that the whole truth!! and for that you are hereby nominated for Biggest Understatement of the Year.

I came by via my best friend, Dapoppins. :o)

Dapoppins said...

What is that Emma doing over here? Well, your in for it now! She is miss smarty pants! and then if the Suzzer gets in on it...well it is all party time in blog land from here on out.

Enlightenment said...
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