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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

An Impass In The Road of Life

I started my original blog all the way back in April. I had hoped to become some sort of online gathering point for people. I hoped to provide a daily thought or a daily laugh that would get people to respond, and hopefully make some solid friendships. My goal was fellowship of some sort or another. I've griped about it many times before, but it is a lonely existence I lead. Sitting in a dark room all day, by myself is trying on my mind, heart, and soul. I was hoping that traffic to my blog would ramp up and that I would develop some sort of daily, regular readership like my friends Liz and flipflopmomma. I am a social creature, and to sense balance in my life, I need contact with people on a regular basis. A short comment every other day is not regular enough. The blog is not paying off in the way I had hoped it would. My traffic has continued to decrease, and as it has decreased, I have lost the will to reach out with my thoughts. I'm not attempting to reach out and get "pity comments." That is totally not my aim. I'm just wondering out loud if I should continue...


Kathy Brown said...

Well, whether or not you continue (and I hope you will), will depend on what you are attempting to achieve with the blog. Hardly anyone reads mine - just a few people. But I enjoy formulating my thoughts in a comprehensible manner for potentially thousands!

There is an organization with a publication called Web Evangelism. If you have the time, perhaps you would like to check them out. I believe they are often looking for people who can answer theological questions for seekers or perhaps do some other things online for them as well. This may get the satisfaction level up.

Remember, although I have read every one of your blogs (at least for several months), I don't comment on all of them. I think alot of people are like that. And there is the agreement factor, too. That is, people have less of a tendency perhaps to comment when they are in agreement.

I personally hope you keep blogging -- quite brightens up my day.

Looney Mom said...

Oh don't you dare go away. Well, unless you want to. This is your space anyway. Just be you. If you do leave you'll have to keep in touch some other way ok?

Niki said...

You're darn right you should continue!!! I would stay in touch anyway, but you should definitely stay here. You have acheived part of the goal - you do provide laughs and thoughts to ponder, and you have gained somewhat of a fellowship here. I know it's not the same as friends with skin, but I for one am happy to know you're in the blogosphere sharing your life with whomever chooses to join you. Is it bothering you that your biggest fans seem to be older, married women? haha Cause we love ya J! My friend Adam had that same "problem".

Please don't give up - you brighten up your little corner of the web so nicely. Besides - it is a great way to get thoughts and feelings off your chest. What else are you going to do cooped up in that crappy little office all day? ;)

Delia said...

I also don't want you to go away. Granted I'm not much of a commenter and I'm not a daily visitor (I rarely have the chance to visit any blogs on a daily basis), but when I get the chance to visit every couple of days or so, I read every post.

I'm sure there are more of us lurking and reading your blog than you think. And though we would understand if you stopped blogging we would definitely miss you :(

Looney Mom said...

You crack me up... no I won't hurt you... too much!! LOL!