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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Up and Down

I realized something powerful this morning. I got out of bed just a few minutes after I woke up and jumped straight into some tasks that I needed to get done. Then I left the house to run errands. In all of it, I somewhere along there realized that I will have up days and down days. Allowing myself to validate the fact that I am suffering from depression is a powerful thing. The grief class at church that Jen and I are going through has really helped with that. It has been a blessing.

I will keep pressing on and when I realize that I am having a bad day, I will acknowledge that fact and try to move forward. I will allow myself to have bad days without beating myself up over it. I will do all I can in this to be as effective for Jesus Christ as I can. In all, I will talk to God and continue to ignore the voices of "shame" and "shoulda/shouldn't" that keep me down. It helps me as I continue to brave living my life outside the bathroom.


Niki said...

Boy do I hear you on this one! What's the name of your class you and Jen are taking?

Here's hoping that tomorrow is "sunny with a high of 75"

Dapoppins said...

Hope this week is going better for you....being out of zoloft until my next DR's appointment I will say that yes, good days and bad days do happen.