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Monday, December 11, 2006

A Gun For Hire

I was just thinking this morning, I would like to throw it out there if someone would like a guest blogger for their blog. I'd be happy to do something for them. If you have a subject in mind (general or specific), or if you just want someone to put something different from the usual in your space, I'd enjoy a little creative thinking/research and change of pace. I'd also drive the traffic from my blog to your space to read what I put up and give your blog a small plug.

Okay, Liz, enlighten us. What rocker was opera trained? I wouldn't know.

I had a good weekend visiting with my folks and many family friends. It was a real fun manly men gathering up at the Frank house on Saturday to brew beer. We drank homebrew, ate fresh Alaskan halibut (deep fried in beer batter made with homebrew) and salmon (smoked, grilled, and in a dip) that Greg caught on a recent fishing trip up there, smoked cigars, and had some other grand ol' guy fun. There must've been 8 or 9 of us up that at one point. It was so good to see old friends, meet a couple of new ones, and get to "buy everyone at the shop a round" (as it was my dad and my beer they were drinking). I wish I could do that once a month. They all started talking about doing it again in March, and Greg will again be providing the food. Next time the menu will be: fresh Elk steaks. Oh yeah!

Life isn't all bad, I suppose.


michelle g said...

Big news! small blog. I have a blog page now... I don't have but one little comment on it, and I don't know if you can even see it... you may have to be a member, at which point I will just email it to you.
I listen to the radio through the computer. If you can't see it, send me a regular email, and I will see about duplicating it on Blogspot somehow.

Looney Mom said...

Pat Benatar! She totally rocks.

And you have to stop talking about the homebrew cuz I want some!! And elk steaks??? You're killing me here... Oh man my mouth is watering...

I would love to have you as a guest blogger. Hmmm... what would you blog about? Let's think about it.