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Monday, December 04, 2006

A Nice Wiikend

I am sure, since all of you are loyal, trusting fans of mine, that you ran off over the weekend and bought yourself a Nintendo Wii. Now I'll justify that decision even further. I don't usually trade in games, but, I've had a couple of them sitting around that I haven't played for a very long time and don't really have any interest in playing in the near future. I'm a thrifty guy, so I try to buy games that have enduring value that I'll enjoy playing over and over and over again. But, rather than languish in their cases unplayed for long periods of time, I get more out of my investment in my gaming systems if I am using them more often. So, (long story short and back on track) I traded in a few and got Rayman: Raving Rabbids for the Wii. I'm incredibly thrilled with that decision.

Rayman: Raving Rabbids consists entirely of mini-games. There are like 75 of them in all. Not everyone of them is a homerun, but the majority are. I am thrilled that I made the decision to get this game. But, the fun of the gameplay isn't everything. The main bad guys are these little, kinda weird looking rabbits, and they are hilarious! They reuse gags over and over, but it works because it is still as funny the hundredth time as it is the first time. Game Crazy will bust open games for you to try, so, go in and play Rayman: Raving Rabbids if they have a nunchuck attachment available to use with their demo Wii. Or, go to http://media.wii.ign.com/media/821/821585/vids_5.html this site and click on the one of the dance party l0oking scene. There are plenty of other good vids to check out if you click the previous and next buttons. They are really hilarious. Here is what the reviewers at one popular gaming site had to say about RRR, and I'll close with that.

+ "More than just Mario Party with a different mascot, Rayman Raving Rabbids makes great use of the Wii technology to create a bizarrely enjoyable minigame collection."
+"The bulk of the game's 70-odd minigames are clever and inventive uses of the Wii's motion-sensing technology, and the game's completely off-the-wall slapstick humor stays fresh and funny all the way through."
+"Every single minigame in Raving Rabbids takes advantage of the Wii's motion-sensing technology in some way or another."
+"As generally fun as the motion controls are, the comedy of the game is what sells it. The rabbids themselves are almost exclusively responsible for this, as they are, without a doubt, hysterical."
+"The rabbids are just so bloody adorable, and the way they constantly fall all over the place, run around like screaming lunatics, and generally do silly stuff, it's hard not to fall in love with it all on some level."
+"whoever did the audio for the rabbids totally nailed it."
+"Rayman Raving Rabbids succeeds because it finds creative and very funny ways to make the Wii's motion-sensing technology work for it."
+"Here's hoping the rabbids find their way into many more games in the future."

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