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Monday, January 29, 2007


Well, many thanks to the faithful saints who lifted me up in prayer. I awoke at 4:15 this morning ready to go. I'm a little sluggish, but I'm alert and awake. I am grateful to have faithful friends who lift me up to the Lord on a regular basis. I was reflecting on it the other day, and I truly live on the prayers of others. My life and relationship with God have been lifted to new heights because of the Lord's faithful answer to those prayers. Please keep them coming.

We tried a new church this weekend. The pastor set up one too many straw men to knock over during the sermon for me to be comfortable. The people were incredibly friendly and loving. I'd love to go there, but I believe too firmly in the biblical model for church leadership. I could not submit to this pastor's teaching authority. So, the search continues.

I think I've finally settled on leaving the church we are at. It isn't a bad church, but I just can't go there any more. I'm tired of building campaigns, which Jen and I have suffered through at the last two churches we've been to. I'm worn out on being asked for more money. If God wants the building built, he'll provide. What really tore it for me is that the church borrowed so that they could start it now, rather than waiting for funds to come in. I don't call that good stewardship. Especially when the building we were already in was in fine condition. Most churches suffer from getting bigger before they get better. They build on a weak foundation, and then the church puts more weight on that weak foundation. I just want a church that is happy to be what it is and isn't looking for prosperity in numbers. For more on this, see this great post at the Majeau Freaksheau: http://spiritualhorticulturalist.blogspot.com/2007/01/small-giants.html. Fritz Maytag is a genius, by the way. He was the one who truly created the first spark of the craft brewery revolution. The embers floated north, into Oregon, where it turned into a raging inferno.

I know I haven't been by your blogs much lately, so please forgive me. I'm hoping to change that with the fairly blank two hours I now have at the start of my shift.

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Delia said...

Sadly a lot of churches put more effort into their buildings than in their faith nowadays. I'm thankful to have a wonderful church that focuses more on the Lord than on money and buildings. I hope you and your wife find the church that is right for ya'll.