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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas: Day 5,6,7,8

So, five golden rings (the five books of the Pentateuch), six geese a layin' (the six days of Creation), seven swans a swimmin' (the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit), and all that jazz. I took some desperately needed time off from life. I purchased a really nice griddle (the kind you use on your stove top that stores easily), made hamburgers from ground chuck steak (as opposed to odds and ends with up to 30% water, nervous membrane {mad cow, anyone?}, and only the Lord knows what else thrown in), home fries, and enjoyed several sangria wine coolers (also homemade thanks to Carlo Rossi and 7-UP). White Zin gives me headaches, but Jen really likes it, so I had to snag an alternative. The plus side is that you can mix Sangria with 7-UP at a ratio of 1:4 and it still tastes quite strong, so a little goes a long way. It was nice to relax. I feel somewhat refreshed.

The new year came in without fanfare, which is how I like it. We didn't watch the ball drop or go to any parties. The passage of time is cathartic enough on its own, thank you very much. With the blood pressure issues I have, it's best not to get superficially excited over something you're not even attending. Jen and I shared a new year's kiss then a new year's prayer, spent the next hour watching Ace of Cakes on Food Network with varying levels of consciousness, then hit the hay.

Allow me to pause for a moment in my post and just say to all my friends and readers from Oklahoma "GO BRONCOS! YEEAAAHHHHHHH!" Thank you.

So, eight chicks...er, babes...er, maids-a-milking. The eight is for the eight beatitudes in Matthew 5-7. Sounds good to me. One thing that gets so misconstrued that the true meaning is often forgotten is "Judge not, lest ye be judged." I learned it from the KJV, so sue me. Many people point to this passage to justify a sinful lifestyle, be it promiscuity or homosexuality. That is totally not what Jesus is saying, and if you are a non-Christian reading this, hang with me. These words are not justification to attack people either.

Jesus cautions us from judging others in a way that looks down at them and provides us with a sense of feeling superior. We probably do it more times a day than we can number, which is no excuse in and of itself. When we get angry at the person who cut us off in traffic and say foul things to ourselves that we would be ashamed to utter in front of other people, we judge. When we gossip, we judge because it implies another person's short-comings or sins are more noteworthy than our own, and they aren't. Don't get me wrong, some sins cause more damage than others, but in the cosmic perspective of things, sin is our condition, which is universal, and we are all capable of great evil, so we should not judge another for their sin, when we too are sinners.

That by no means that we should tolerate sin, and the condition of church discipline today is abhorrent. But the condition of church discipleship is equally abhorrent, so one really explains the other. As the Scripture says, we should seek to lovingly restore a brother or sister who has stumbled and is caught in troubling sin. But we have to fix those two previously mentioned items to even get there.

Tomorrow I will introduce my newly linked (and some long overdue) blog buddies.

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