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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cookin' Papa

I just had to put the word out on an awesome game that is sucking up a good amount of my time this weekend. If any of you (or your kids) have a Nintendo DS, get Cookin' Mama. It will probably sound trite and stupid, but it is a cooking sim game. I assure you, this game is not trite or stupid. Given, some parts of the game aren't great replications of what the cooking process is, most of it is really cool. I am learning some new recipes, and I love to cook. I will be buying a few things tomorrow so that I can try my hand at making a Japanese style sweet omelet. I will be making soba and a few other things, too. It is one of the cheaper games (sub $20), so it is worth checking picking up. I'll let you all know when I do that and how that works out.


Looney Mom said...

That looks like fun. A little sexist though... couldn't be cooking papa? Bummer. LOL!

KingJaymz said...

Sexist? Yes, but it is from Japan where it is still okay to imply that women are more prone to be homemakers. But, then again, is that really such a bad thing? Besides, the Mama character is cute, which to me makes it more fun. You couldn't pull that off with a dude character.

Jennifer said...

I'm all for women staying home, especially if they have kids. Anyway, Jared, I think this game sounds perfect for you! It's kitchen stuff! Do they let you work with any great old stoves or great knives?....hahaha!


Chelf said...

Do they teach you how to build the fire in the Franklin stove? That would be some good information - open flame cooking.