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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Jen and I have been agonizing over the situation with some neighbor kids of ours who live in our apartment complex. It looked like severe neglect was the situation, and that the father was not taking care of his kids. Then, the 15 year old boy got kicked out. We were beside ourselves. We listened with sympathy, sorrow and anger as this boy told tales of emotional abuse and neglect. He is living with some neighbors we know, and Jen and I were talking about maybe adopting him, and then trying to get DSHS involved to get his sister (12 years old) removed from the home. We're allowing him to store his stuff in our apartment. We have been spending time mentoring both kids over the last 7 months, the girl to a greater extent. She's just come around more. Well, she came down last night and wanted to show Jen her new room, and so Jen went up to look. While up there, the dad stopped Jen to talk to her. Apparently, this brother had been sexually abusing his sister. I'll spare details since I'm linked to family friendly blogs. I would classify it as the type that is considered sexual assult in the third or fourth degree (the lower end of the severity scale) by the law and being held against one's will/false imprisonment. She is fortunate to have not had more done to her. It probably sounds a little worse than it really is since I can't provide the details, but sexual abuse is so damaging and horrific in any form. This boy was also lying about doing school work and other things. The dad corroborated details of his story by producing evidence. He looked very sincere and did what he did to protect the girl. It was easy to think bad of this fellow because he does have some pretty severe character flaws and some form of mental retardation (between mild and moderate). But we were duped. I feel extra stupid because I just listened to a piece on Focus on the Family last week that talked about this very situation. This boy is now coming to Jen and I and talking crap about the family he is currently staying with. There's more to all this than I want to put here, but two and two are now adding up to four. Someone from the state will be here around the end of the week to pick him up. Jen and I could not adopt him, and that was out of the question when we learned the truth. We are just trying to do the right thing to maintain our witness to this boy as long as we need to. We want to glorify God before his eyes so that maybe when he hits the end of his rope in ten or twenty years, he'll think back on it and reach out for Him.

It wasn't as easy to get up this morning as it was yesterday, but still easier than most days. I am really beginning to think that I am an early morning person and just didn't know it. I think that is a good thing.

I'm going to buy an instrument. I want something fun, portable, and easy to learn. I'm thinking of learning to play the Ocarina. It is actually an instrument that I learned about from a video game, specifically, The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. I think it might lighten my spirits and bring a little more joy into everyday life. I'm looking for simplicity and cost as factors, right now. It's either the harmonica, the penny whistle or the Ocarina. I'm not to hot on the harmonica idea, at least not right now. Maybe in the future. The penny whistle/tin whistle is cheap, and it has six holes. It is rather high in pitch, however, and I want something with a more soothing sound. Besides, I stank at playing the recorder in grade school (the penny whistle's cheap, plastic cousin from China {think about if for a second...you'll laugh}), and it had six holes. The Ocarina has four or five holes arranged in a square pattern, with the extended range having a hole for the thumb. It has a very soothing sound, and it can play many things (including Amazing Grace, Agnus Dei, and Ave Maria) in a lively and simple fashion. Why don't you listen for yourself: http://shop.songbirdocarina.com/Zelda-Ocarinas/Ocarina-of-Time-XL/Extended-Range-Sweet-Potato-Ocarina-XL/ and here http://www.songbirdocarina.com/sampbass.html. I got the idea to get one of these from an advertisement I saw in my Nintendo Power magazine. Yes, I'm 26 and still get Nintendo Power. It'd be a nice diversion to soothe the soul right now, and it'd be a great outlet for my creativity and worship. Besides, the traditional Irish folk tune "Whiskey in the Jar" would sound way cool on it. For more info on the Ocarina, see this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocarina

Liz and my other readers with short attention spans get a gold star if they make it this far (LOL)

Well, time to get on with my hump day and go do job coachy things...musha ring dumma do damma da


Delia said...

That's so sad about those children. That poor little girl.

I'm sorry that you and Jen were duped. That's hard when you believe something like he was telling you and you feel so much sympathy and put so much of yourself into the situation only to find out it was a lie.

Dapoppins said...

if you can make the ocarina sound that way, go for it, otherwise, it is just another whistle...and the thing with the teen boy. It is amazing what sophistacated liars they can be, huh? I helped out in the teen ministry, and there were a copuple times I totally had the wool pulled over my eyes...there was this one girl...well. they still need Jesus. So taking the high road, and showing him your not an idiot but your willing to help if he's willing to change and be honest...always the best rout.

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

So sad that things happen in this world like that. You guys have good hearts.

I have the harmonica and can actually play it a little, my hub is really good. I think it's fun, and cheap. I've never heard of the other ones you mentioned, but I hope you have fun with whatever you end up gettting.

Chelf said...

Gold Bear! I get a gummy bear for finishing the long post!

Looney Mom said...

LOL! I actually read it all. Where's my gold star? Oh and my heart aches for that poor girl. You and Jen have such loving spirits. I know you will make a difference even if you can't see it.