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Friday, January 12, 2007

A Good Friday

I'm always a little more upbeat and light-hearted on Friday. The weekend draws nigh. I can put away two beers tonight and not have to feel guilty...don't ask me why, but I always can on Friday. Maybe that's just the way my brain/conscience works. I'll probably watch that new Superman movie. I rented it last weekend, and now it's overdue, so I should at least get something out of those overdue fees. I saw Cars last Friday, and I thought it was a cute movie. It wasn't Toy Story, but it was right up there with Monsters Inc. Maybe I'll own it some day.

I have to thank Liz openly for making me see the "light." She sent me some of her green chile peanut brittle. I was skeptic at first, but, as Alton Brown said on one episode of his show Good Eats, "Heat plus sweet equals Good Eats." The South Americans have been adding heat to chocolate since ancient times. Mind you, this is coming from a guy who doesn't like spicy foods too much. I have stomach ailments that keep me from eating things that are too spicy. This stuff was good! I think her recipe for the peanut brittle is in her November archives. Go check it out and try it. And while your there, read her most recent posts too.

I'll leave you all with this. It is pretty freakin' hilarious. Too funny because it is too true.


Chelf said...

Well, I love green chiles, and I don't so much like peanut brittle... But man, that sounds interesting. I know I have real, authentic green chiles here. I may have to try that!

I love the UN joke. Totally better than anything Letterman comes up with. (sorry, dave, I am a Leno fan...)

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Liz sent me some of that peatnut Brittle too, and I keep forgetting to tell her it arrived!! It's too hot for me since I'm a huge whimp in the heat department, but the hubs has been eating it up. My baby, you know the one with the extremely sensative rear-end?? Yeah, she got ahold of a piece and loved it...she was just sucking away until I noticed and took it from her, which made her scream. She had to deal with the consequences later though, as she screamed in pain all night long from the diarhea she got, and the lovely beat red rash!!! Have to tell Liz about that too. LOL.

Looney Mom said...

Oh... I forgot about your tummy ailments. I hope it didn't aggravate anything. I'm so glad you like it though. And "surprising" Jen wasn't my idea -- make sure she knows that! LOL!

That UN thing really is too true. Sad, huh?