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Saturday, January 27, 2007

One More For the Road

Okay, I'm back for one more post. Jen is out with her "mentee," at a special event for mentors and the kids they're involved with. She's been mentoring this young woman named Connie for about a year and a half.

I threw myself into the reading of I Timothy when she left. The pastoral epistles always get me thinking. Especially Paul's epistles to Timothy. Since I do not have an earthly spiritual father, someone who has discipled me for a long period of time, I look to Paul. I insert my name wherever I see "Timothy" and read it as if he wrote it just for me. It is always striking how it truly feels written for me when I do that.

I Timothy 4:15 reads "Take pains with these things; be absorbed in them, so that your progress will be evident to all. (NASB)" "These things" that Paul is talking about are being an example in "speech, conduct, love, faith and purity." It also refers to the exercise of his spiritual gifts and teaching the Word in soundness. When I read this passage, it always causes me to reflect on myself. I was, at one time, an "up and comer" in ministry. I was on a path that could have lead me to be a pastor. I am so glad that I did not pursue it at the time. The previous chapter deals with the qualifications for elders/overseers and deacons. I couldn't have cut the mustard then...but what about now? I always wonder about that. I am youthful, but I am not beyond having wisdom or capability in these areas. I don't think the elder board at my church has much clue I even exist. Still, I would love to be somewhere that I could be used in these ways...but...could I qualify by the biblical standard if I were there? This passage is always a good reminder of the work I have left to do. In many ways, God has started something in my life, and I have left that work unfinished. Time to press on.

It is official, I am working Monday through Thursday day-shift, but I will be working four ten-hour days. Please pray for the transition, because my day starts at 5:30am and I get off work at 4:30pm. I will be digging out my hot plate so that I can take it to work and make espresso there. Working such long days, I will need it. Please pray that the Lord would give me strength and stamina. At the same time, I'm praising God because I don't have that weird shift anymore. It was either this or back to the "dungeon." Shoot me before I go back there, so I'll take this. It is a very good thing. Besides, every weekend is a three-day weekend now. Don't envy me. The trade-off to get this is pretty huge. But, it isn't a bad thing at all!

Well, I'm off to "make lazy" on the couch.


Chelf said...

When my brother was little, we were sitting in church, and he was playing with his cars. The preacher asked us to turn to the book of John. My brother, Jon, turned to my mom, and whispered, "Mom, he's talking to ME!"

And, ironically, we just found out yesterday that Jeff's dad is being installed as a Deacon (in charge of the building) at his church. Reading the scriptures that you mentioned makes me realize that the children have a lot to live up to. That is me, as well as Jeff. Sobering thought.

Keep up the blogs, bro. I come by regularly. I will try to follow my own advice, too. :-)

Kathy Brown said...

Awesome. Congratulations.