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Monday, February 12, 2007

Accepting Failure

I am perfectly fine with failure. I have learned this lesson many times. For those of you who thought and prayed, I passed my health DANTES but failed the speech one. Who'da ever thought that a jack-jaw like me would ever come up seven seconds short of the mandatory minimum of three minutes? But, the speech was on punishing juvenile offenders as adults for adult crimes. I know my position well, presented it well, and defended it well, but I have not thought about that subject much since the very late 90's when it was still on the public conscience. Hence, I had a hard time coming up with three minutes worth of material in the ten minutes I had to prepare. I even "hemmed and hawed" to try to kill a little time, but still came up short. Oh well. I'm starting a speech class through Global University in a few days. That'll take care of the credit, now I just have to hop on that ISP. I need to have it all done by April 1 if I want to walk in May.

I just found out that Jen will be fully vested in May at Multnomah. Do you know what that means? A 90% tuition discount at many of the area colleges, seminaries, and universities. That's the difference between a $50,000 M.A. in Counseling and a $5,000 M.A. in Counseling. Yes, I would like $45,000 for free! So, we're staying put until the education is complete. I'm looking at a few other programs, as I may not be able to get in to the one at Western Seminary I want. They only allow so many students from other schools in the area to be on their rolls at such a steep discount. I might get a Masters of Divinty (or M. Div. as it is more commonly known), which could put me just about anywhere. There are some other programs for me to look at, also. I suppose I have plenty to think about. I just know that I want to be ready to go this fall. Jen is looking into getting her masters level degree, also. It will be an exciting time for us (again!). So, we'll see how things shape up.

Well, I'm off to conquer the world. And to my blog buddies who I haven't shared a comment with lately: I'm coming by daily. Sorry for not chirping in. I'm like that nut-job dude on the FedEx commercial "Workin', workin', busy bee!" Only, I'm actually busy.



Dapoppins said...

so you are a suave guy who knows all about love languages huh? and you want to do something sentamental and extravagant. Somehting to let her know you you love her? Make a sacrifice of some kind just for her, somthing that sets aside your pride and your own desires ( a song or a poem in a public declaration...?) or find a gift that is unexpected and impossiable, avoide candy and flowers, and invlove your family in fiding something for her that is surprizing...if all else fails, spend lots of money on her. Lots and lots and lots...

or share with her your deepest secret...?

Dapoppins said...

I have a good excuse for all that bad spelling above...I do. Really. Ummm, my toddler was helping me type.

Looney Mom said...

I canNOT believe that you couldn't talk for 3 minutes. I find that very hard to believe. LOL! Just kidding I don't want to give you a complex.

Though your posts really have gotten more manageable - because you know I have a short attention span - and I can actually read them all because they're shorter. I guess that's the difference between having too much time on your hands and being BUSY, BUSY - which I'm glad you are.

I'm feeling that whole "too much time on my hands" thing just laying around for most of the time. See? I'm just blabbering over here because apparently I have nothing better to do or write on my own blog. So I'm going now... buh-bye.

Jennifer said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Jared!