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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Like the Flowers of the Field

I just noticed that I didn't modify the publish date of this from when I saved it as a draft. Hence, it published back at the date of 2.21.2006. Sorry. Here's yesterday's news/business.

I promise not to make too much of it, but did you know that the year is already one-sixth over? It is the end of February, my brothers and sisters, and I am learning to number my days, as the psalmist said. I am beginning to realize just how short life really is. I want to be more useful for God in the time I have left. I want to do things His way, the right way. This perspective on aging I have acquired over the last couple years has started to effect my life, but I hope that it will remain in the sense it compels me to do what is right and good.

I never had any sisters growing up, but always wanted one. My parents had my older brother, then me, then my younger brother. That was it. And even they have abandoned me in our adulthood. I see them rarely and only by coincidence when they just show up at my folks place when I am down visiting them. They call even less frequently (my little brother once a year, my older brother never). I always wondered why God placed me in a family that left me stranded as an adult. Truly, Jen feels even more so that way having lost her mother ten years ago and her only sibling three years ago. However, over the last year I have gained many born of the Spirit, and I wonder if that is why I didn't have any born of my blood. I have several women who come across my blog (almost) daily who I consider my sister. When I write them emails, I call them "Sis" with a capital "s" because it is through "Christ" with a capital "c" that we have been made family. And, since we are family indeed, I call them by the name or nickname I would call them had we been born of the same parents. I expect they would do no less.

I might say the same about gaining brothers. I have met several great men through blogging that I would happily call brothers and treat as such should our paths ever cross (which I certainly hope that they do sooner rather than later). They are men that I learn much from and respect greatly. They are more to me than the brothers I have lost ever were. Maybe that is a sad commentary on my life, but I say to the contrary, it is a superlative commentary on how generous and gracious our Lord is.

From April to December of last year, I suffered much from trials and afflictions. I teetered on the brink of insanity often. These people kept me from going over the edge. They encouraged my faith, gave me hope and made me laugh. I say to you all, thank you for being the hands of Christ to me when I needed it the most. You have been my "church," my family, and my renewal of hope and strength when none was to be found.

I also say to the friends I've had come through here, some more recently than others, thank you. Thank you for being faithful and kind. I consider you a special blessing from the Lord, too. I am so grateful for the encouragement you have given me, often when I needed it the most.

I say to all of those I spoke of, "You know who you are. Thank you. I love you all."


Dapoppins said...

I think one of the most powerful miricles of modern Christianity is when Christians let themselves be the Hands of Christ...and here you thought they were dishpan/diaper hands but really they were carpenter's hands.

Chelf said...

God told Moses that his heirs would be numberless like the stars in the sky, or the sands on the ocean. I am glad that you have wandered through my quadrant of the sky, my corner of the beach. You have been just as much of an encouragement to many of us as we have obviously been to you.

The hands of the potter and the hands of the carpenter are the same. Soft and gentle to the work in progress.

Dapoppins said...

yeah, and is your wife better now?

Kathy Brown said...

It is so good to see God at work through people in His kingdom, isn't it? I certainly have no idea of the "whys" of God's ways, but it is good you will get the chance to ask Him all about it. God bless.

Chelf said...

Hey, thanks for the lobbing of the fruit. Tasted great on the Bacon Lettuce sandwich I was making.

Same back at you, silly boy!
Fried green Tomatoes in your face, you lazy blogger you.