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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Liar, Liar

So, Niki and Benny's post is now dropping down. I'm sending out an appeal to all of you html nerds out there: Would someone please create a nice widget that I could put on the sidebar of my blog, and other people could too, that would generate financial support and prayers for Niki and Benny's ministry? If you think you can do this and have some spare time, please contact me. I'd love to put it on my blog and to pass it off to Niki and Benny.

A friend of theirs called and gave them all they need to pay their bills this month, which is a big, "Hallelujah, Gloria en excelsis Deo!" BUT it is a ONE TIME gift. They need to replace that supporter still. I know I probably come across as sounding somewhat "desperate" for their support, and I don't intend that. I feel a real burden to support their ministry and to care for them as they minister to the "throw away people" of Denver. And for those of you who have never had the pleasure, it's totally the best when your missionaries want to be your friends, too. This is something my relationship with Benny and Niki has taught me.


So none of the chicks that come to this blog think I'm "evolved" enough to know about the love language thing? I don't mean to sound arrogant about that, but I feel like Rodney Dangerfield (I get no respect). Yeah, dishes and vaccuuming are appreciated, but aren't really a "turn on" for Jen. Besides, I already do house chores. The love language thing has produced peace in our relationship, but not romance. It's hard when year after year I try hard but nothing really works. What's a man who enjoys romance to do?

In other words, "Ladies, I'm looking for something original that's going to ignite a spark." Your suggestions were good, if you are talking to your average guy, which I am not. I'm not looking for a silver bullet that will do it "once and for all." I'm just looking for something good for Valentine's Day this year.


The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

gosh, just the fact that you're trying to come up with something romantic and original is romantic to me! I think I married the most un-romantic man in the world!! I need romance!!! I even went into his cell phone and put "buy Jaymi flowers." "buy Jaymi a nice card" and he still didn't do it!! He said he was going to, but that he forgets! Geesh!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I probably read too many Nick Hornby books, but why not make a mix cd for her of some of her "favorite" songs. They don't even have to be romantic, just a collection of songs that she likes that she might not even realize you know she likes.

My ex did that for me...they weren't my "favorite" songs, but they were songs that over the time we had been dating had listened and had conversations about. It was just so sweet because he's not the type to remember conversations like that and for him to remember those songs, and to track them down was just really special. I still have that cd today and when I'm feeling sentimental I give it a listen. :)

Looney Mom said...

I'm sorry about the Valentine thing. Geesh. So are you wanting a button with a link to their website? I can do that. Just give me details.

BTW, I haven't seen you around my neck of the woods lately. Everything all right? Not that you HAVE to come visit every day. I know life gets busy. Anyway... See ya.

clumsy ox said...

Last year, I gave my wife one of those enormous ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen.

Major score!

Nothing says love like frozen carbohydrates in large amounts.

Chelf said...

I don't know how original it is, but if you get the time, and the weather cooperates, go on a picnic. Get her favorite finger foods, lots of chocolate, a little bubbly (whatever floats the boat, dude) and go sit on a blanket in a park or a garden and enjoy the beauty of the flowers and your wife. You could even point out that you don't have to pick the flowers to enjoy them. Go to a museum if the picnic doesn't work out. Learn about something together.

Read to each other. My friend and her husband used to read scripture, or whatever book one of them was on, out loud to each other. He used to give her a single rose each month, and a dozen on their annual anniversary.

Or give her a game for your Wii.