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Monday, March 12, 2007

I Brew Alone/With Nobody Else...Well Not Really

I was supposed to brew beer this last Saturday. I've had a stout on standby for a couple of weeks, and it was time to get to it. Yet...I did not. If you've never brewed, I don't expect you to understand. Yet, you should brew, as it will give you understanding. Not to mention the fact that it's totally fun to make your own beer, and cheaper than buying it. And with a kit, it is as easy as 1-2-3. Check out http://www.brewferm.be/en/index.htm and http://www.ironmaster-homebrew.co.uk/index.html. You'll thank yourself.

Back to the main point here, I didn't brew. I had a couple of friends who were supposed to come over back out on me. I'm not upset about that. Life happens. Yet, brewing beer is something that requires community. Brewing alone is much like trying to play on a teeter-totter/see-saw by yourself. You can make the action happen, but it just doesn't feel right. It's like being the only person at an in-town carnival/festival and trying to have fun with it. You throw the softball at the metal milk bottles a couple of times, but you just lose motivation and end up going home.

What is it about home brewing that requires that community? Honestly, I'm not sure it can be quantified. It is like the intangibles of a great quarterback. You know that there is an "it" about it that just can't be nailed down. But feelings of joy, community and brotherhood/sisterhood abound when a boiling pot of wort is on the burner and homemade libations are shared and enjoyed. When it's just you...well, with all apologies to George Thorogood, I don't brew alone. I may have to tomorrow evening (I do need to make more beer), but I won't enjoy it the same.


Dapoppins said...

1. My husband does not need a new hobby.
2. I thought you brewed with your Dad.
3. See, I do pay attention.
4. You don't strike me as a "Bad to the Bone" type guy. However, you do play Nintendo...so who can really tell?? (PS2 is much better)

KingJaymz said...

Of all the people on Earth, you are the last one I would have ever figured for a Sony fangirl, dear poppoins. Pound for pound, the PS2 is better than the Gamecube, but it is a completely different creature from the Nintendo Wii. If you ain't played it you could never know enough to have an honest opinion. The Wii is an experience comparable to none. I still play my PS2, but it is apples and oranges when comparing it to the Wii. The Wii wins that match-up, to me, most of the time, and I own both :p. Besides, if I want to upgrade to the PS3, I have to pay $600 plus sales tax! Like I have that kind of cash to fork over. I was easily able to do the $250 for the Wii, however. My opinion is that the Wii is superior to the PS3, because it is non-existent on my budget, so actually affording the Wii versus not being able to get a PS3 made the argument for me. Maybe if they drop the price and release more Sly Cooper games, I would think about getting a PS3, but not until then.

I do brew with my dad, but he's been making these hefeweizens (pronounce hef-uh-vy-zen) that have this weird, kinda fruity characteristic to the taste. He isn't adding fruity stuff, so it's coming from elsewhere, and I don't like it. He may have it nailed down now, but he's giving all of the next few batches away to friends, which means no beer for me :( So, I'm making some extract stuff. You can make perfectly good beer from extract, I just haven't done so in about a dozen years.

If I give you a gold star for paying attention, will that make up for witholding the last one for cheating? ;p

clumsy ox said...

See, it's not just brewing that needs to be done in community: drinking beer is really a community thing too. I have a closet full of bottles of good beer I bought (no, I don't brew: I've got my finger in too many pots as it is), and I can only drink them when I have company over.

I mean, a bottle of Guinness is ok solo, but Chimay is something totally different: that is meant to be shared by friends.

Beer is just a relationship-builder, I guess.

Dapoppins said...

Cheeter! HAH! I didn't google anything, i just figured it out!
I'll take my gold star anyway. It dose not say you like the Wii on your blog, it says you like Nintendo, so I am thinking the kid with the green hat and the sword who plays those pipes...like someone else I know who wears a hat! And I like PS2 graphics. But we are poor people. We own less than ten, well used games. Not a one was bought new. So you go play your wii, maybe I will buy a used set up for my boys when they are older (my kids) and have more games (wii games).

Chelf said...

I have actually played a Wii, now. I have a Mii set up on my friend's Wii. I have played Bowling, and Tennis. I am much better at Tennis on the Wii than in real life. Oh, at Tennis I stink in real life! At Bowling I am pretty good. I got a 158 on my first Wii Bowling game. Not bad for me. Usually my first real game sucks, the second is the best of the evening, and then I get tired, and the rest of the scores go downhill. So far, I like. But I don't know yet if we can buy one.

1. I paid attention to the previous discussions of brewing with Dad.
2. I understand that brewing and drinking are social activities.
3. I can't stand beer. It tastes like it is made from dirty socks.
4. You need to be more generous with your gold stars!

zaken ish gibbor said...

intersting blog and interesting comments. no, i will not take up brewing as a hobby. i must admit that i do enjoy a killian's occasionally, but i really don't need someone else there for me to enjoy it. i have no idea what chimay is, i have had guiness and was really looking forward to the experience...it was a major disappointment. i am a killian's man through and through. i've tried pyramid, fat tire (or is that flat tire?) and others but hands down killian's red always beats them. oops here i am talking ales when you all are talking beers. in any case i am no conniseur i must emphasize that mt imbibing is very, very occasional.