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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The New Look and Link Lack

If you are unable to read the above comic, click on it to enlarge.

I got this template off a really cool site that has many different templates for the New Blogger. Unless you know some CSS and html, old templates can not be used on "New" Blogger. I hate that, but I think I'm going to pick up some books on this stuff. I don't have much cash right now, since I'm trying to get into a house, and I am tired of getting the short end of the stick from Blogger on this deal. Their standard templates stink!

Along with the new template, I lost all of my old customizations, including links. I'll get all of that back up, soon.

Here's some of the links I found where you can pick up some cool customizations for the New Blogger and learn some other stuff:

The title, yeah, I know you are wondering. It was a line from an episode of my favorite webtoon. It was part of an interview with the character "Homsar". They have t-shirts that say that. It sounded off the wall...you know, like me. So, I decided to go with it. It isn't supposed to make sense. We'll call it the inside joke here.

A short follow up to a comment on my "They Doth Not Love" post: there is no word to differentiate between arrogant pride and a biblical sense of self-confidence in the English language. Telling your husband or son (or daughter or wife, for that matter) that you're happy for their success is not the same, nor is it a good or workable equivalent. If you can't get past the negative associations the word "proud" carries, then tell them that you believe in them and that you are confident in their abilities. Saying your happy for someone's success does not instill self-confidence. If my wife said that to me, I would tell her to quit patronizing me. It is up to the person whether or not they become arrogant, but it is up to each one of us to build up those around us. If we do not instill in our family with a belief in their ability to achieve something, then we are fostering a culture that only produces uncaring, apathetic slackers. If you want a strong husband who will lead well, is trustworthy and work hard to achieve something with his life, then (in some form or another) tell him you're proud of him.

I have to work 5:30am to 7pm today, and then an additional 5am to 7am tomorrow. They stole my sleep in day from me. I'm feeling bummed about it, but I like to eat and want to buy a house. Poor planning by management trickles down and makes those at the bottom pay, that's all I have to say. So, in light of all of that, this is probably my last post before this weekend. Those of you who pray, please do. It is the three year anniversary of losing Jen's only sibling in a drunk driving "incident" (not accident, drunk driving is murder). We are going to visit her now completely sober dad and step-mom (which is a major God-praise, as he was an alcoholic for over 35 years). They'll celebrate a year clean, and we're trying to celebrate period. I will need strength, as I am the only one in the supportive role, having only been married to Jen for 4 years at the time, and not having known Amy all that well. I'm expecting God to do some good things, and hoping that His light will shine through us for them.

Laboring with you in the trenches (outside the bathroom),


Delia said...

I love your new look, your new title, and the links over in your sidebar...those are great!

I'll be praying for you, your wife, and ya'll's family.

Badoozie said...

cool template...my son was born in salem oregon...the willametty valley, I had to laugh at you giving the proper pronunciation, people could never say that word

R said...

I will pray for you when I run.

That is rough about your sister's lost sibling. How horrible.

I think you are right that we as Christians need to build one another up.

Looney Mom said...

Uhmmm... hello??!!??!! Remember me? You need help with the template... ask and you shall receive. You goofball. I can tweak it for the New Blogger!

So we'll both be gone for the weekend. Take it easy.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach said...

sometimes you do what you have to do. i do think other people can help with your confidence. it is nice to have someone acknowledge your achievements.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Hey, I found an episode of Shalom In the Home...I liked it.

Niki said...

I absolutely LOVE the new look!!! Even though I still don't like coffee. ;)

Great posts J! Sometimes I hate playing catch up because it would have been nice to be a part of the conversations when they actually took place. I'm always arriving late to the party, and it's not because I'm trying to make an entrance. I'm just trying to regain a little control in my day and it's a struggle.

Know that I am praying for you and Jen and the weekend. Talk with you soon.

Badoozie said...

I can't get too personal over at my blog, my sons dad reads it, and is very critical...I have to be as anonymous as possible. Not that I care what he thinks, but for my sons sake, I have to be careful. But anyway, my ex has family that live in Jefferson, and we lived in scio for a few months. I was raised in central oregon, so I absolutely loathed it over there, the rain really got me down. Man it's beautiful but too dark for me. I wonder if you know his family

Anne said...

Hope all is going well with your trip this weekend. I would be lost without my sister.

Chelf said...

Quit matronizing me, Jared. ;-)

I agree that there should be major positive reinforcement in every home. I know it doesn't happen often enough. Thank you for reminding us.

I have posted a significant thought just for FFM, so if you see her, send her my way.

I pray for you and Jen a lot. I am sure it is getting through. I hope you can feel it.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Jared, you have been awarded the "thinker blogger award" at my site, check my blog out for more details. :)