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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Workin' Workin', Busy Bee!

I feel like that dope on the FedEx commercial that is just sitting at his desk proclaiming to be "in the zone" and saying he's to busy to answer the phone or do other things. His behavior is caused by the fact that he hasn't adjusted to the lower workload that using FedEx has brought him. The difference is that I'm actually busier than I know how to handle right now. Jen and I are trying to buy a home, and that ate up our entire weekend. I was busy all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and then I got to get up and do it all over again at 4a.m. on Monday morning. Oh, joy...(sigh). Work has been nightmarishly busy over the last couple of days and the reintroduction of office politics into my life because of a specific project I'm tied to here has made it even less pleasant. I've come home the last two nights feeling like I'm in serious need of a beer. I'm also starting a fine arts class I'm not tickled about taking. I enjoy the fine arts, I'm just not tickled about taking a class that makes me prove it.

However, things will be slowing down over the next few days here at work. I will be getting some training that will help me cope with work life a little better. Hopefully that will do the trick. Still, we are working on purchasing a home. For those of you who don't know, the Portland (OR) Metro Area home prices are super inflated. An index from January 2006 had us inflated by 35% over the true property values. It is probably about the same, maybe a little higher now. We'll probably have to shell out about $135k to $140k just to get into a starter home. We're looking at homes that have about 700 to 1100 square feet, and there are only a few on the market that we can find. I refuse to do the condo thing. I want a home. I want a yard, a garage and a garden. Even if I didn't refuse to do the condo thing, all of the ones that are decent to live in are totally out of our price range. Add HOA fees to that, and you have a "No way." We've looked at a couple that we're pretty happy with, and we'll probably move on one late next week. We have a great realtor who has tolerated me with grace and kindness, as this process has gotten me a little "over excited" on a few occasions. I was perceiving pressure when there was none, and she has been too kind in her dealings with me, a real godsend. We are working with multiple mortgage people, which I highly recommend. The closing costs can vary by thousands of dollars, depending on who you go through.

I'll end this post with some excellent links on home purchasing information.


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~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Good luck with the house thing. My cousin bought a house over the summer in Philadelphia and it was really stressing her out, especially since she was pregnant at the time so she had even more added pressure.

Delia said...

I always thought finding the house was fun but the moving part I could definitely do without. Good luck!

Dapoppins said...

Ahhh, the great home hunt. Good luck with that. I don't know if you qualify but you might want to check out USDA loans too. Alos, Washington has less tax than PDX and is on the going down end of that selling boom...I think.

clumsy ox said...

House hunting completely sucks.

I agree with your hatred of a condo too.

We apparently bought our house at its peak of value. That's been tough: our house was worth about 420k less than we owed on it one year after purchase. We've almost caught up on that, but it's been tough.

Not to scar you off or anything...

Kathy Brown said...

Yeah, well $140K would be a steal here. Generally, you can't even get a condo here for that! Honestly, the province is in such a boom, that the prices have doubled in the past 2 years.