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Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Funny

One of my favorite dialogues of all time:

Billy: Hey, I love your act. It says, "When life takes a cheap shot, you just get right back up." Billy Corrigan, Smashing Pumpkins.

Homer: Homer Simpson, smiling politely. My kids love you guys. Thanks to your music, they no longer dream of futures I can't afford.

Billy: Yeah, well we try to make a difference.

From The Simpsons: Episode "Homerpalooza"

Thanks to this episode, which I saw for the first time in about eight years on Wednesday, I have "Zero" by the previously mentioned Smashing Pumpkins stuck in my head. They were a really good band. I went and saw them in concert back in '96. They didn't have a very good light show, though. It was more distracting than entertaining.

Thinking Blogger awards have been given to me. I would like to thank R and SilverNeurotic for giving them to me. However, I'm not going to turn around and hand out five to five other people. If you are in my links, you automatically get one from me. I have standards, so if you're there, you are there because you inspire me and/or make me think. I love you all.

It is past time, however, to introduce you to some new friends I have made, whom I love, and would like for you all to get acquainted with

Anne - She's over at the "Hubbadoodette" blog. She's a SAHM with two very active homeschooling kids. She has an interesting spin on life.

R - The queen of coinage. The chick of cheese. How else might I introduce this dear friend. She has three kids, is also a SAHM who homeschools too. I'm addicted to reading her thoughts and interpretations of everyday life. She's hilarious. She and Anne are also real life buds, the best I can make out.

Dapoppins - Like the bossy bigger sister I never had...well...what more can I say. But I love her.

Joel - Husband of R, he is a deep thinker and has great thoughts on life and theology...and occasionally Star Wars.

Chelf - Randomness from middle America. She's been a good friend for a while. You just have to go read her blog.

Mark - Over at the Majeau Sidesheau, Mark offers mostly commentary on ice hockey, New York Yankees and the NFL. He hates Peyton Manning, but I can forgive him for that.

Please head over to Kathy's place and drop a word of encouragement. Her mom just died a few days ago. She could really use your encouragement.

I tell you what. I'll give anyone a second entry in my giveaway if you head over to Kathy's to drop a line of encouragement.


majeau13 said...

Hey man,

thanks for the shout-out!

Go Yankees!

Dapoppins said...

Bossy!? I am not bossy, but you had better make sure all your socks are picked up before you blog today, because we women don't like stinky men socks in the living room and I am sure your wife will thank you for removinging them to the dirty laundry basket.

P.S. I think your wit is great fun, too.

Kathy Brown said...

Thanks, Jared! Your encouragement is as usual much appreciated. K

Chelf said...

Thanks for the plug, dude. I need more readers. It keeps me writing.

I missed the giveaway, but hey, I don't like coffee so much.