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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Tulips This Time of Year

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On Saturday, Jen and I went to the Woodburn, OR tulip festival. I always love going. We've missed it the last two or three years because our April has been overloaded. Not a problem this year. It rained pretty fairly, but we were prepared so that didn't bother us. Besides, we took tons of photos, and the droplets of water on the flowers looks so pretty. I'll be putting up some photos of that trip in the near future.

Well, I'm going to give you a culinary meme, and you can decide if you want to play along. If not, I'm interesting enough to read about. So enjoy it. (Thanks to Clumsy Ox for the meme)

Culinary Meme
Most used gadget: Stove top espresso maker or my plug in kettle

Most used item in the whole kitchen: Flexible cutting board; that little bugger will do anything
Last time I cooked for a crowd: Probably five years ago. We are more disjointed here in the Northwest. Most people lack a sense of community.
Who had the most influence on my cooking: Alton Brown
Most used spice: Ooooooooo. Uh…probably Mexican Oregano.
Favourite ice cream: That which is homemade from unpasteurized cow’s milk
Coffee... ground or whole beans? Whole beans, for crying out loud!
Peanut Butter... crunchy or smooth? Cashew butter (with a couple of filberts {that’s what a hazelnut is called in the Pacific Northwest} tossed in), crunchy
Pet peeve in someone else's kitchen: Dull cutlery
Too many in the freezer: Pre-portioned prepared and frozen steel cut oatmeal
Wine... white or red: Red. A peppery, low-acid syrah, please. Especially with a hint of black cherry flavor
Evian water? "Evian" is "naive" spelled backwards. Buy a Brita

Favourite fruit: Huckleberries
Vegetable I hate:
Brussels sprouts
Food mispronunciation that grinds my gears:
Parmesan. It is Italian! (parma-jhahn)
Favourite sandwich:
CBnJ (Cashew butter and jelly)
Indispensable condiment:
Peppercorns with real flavor, not just heat
Not much. I like Alaskan halibut, though
Salsa... with or without cilantro?
Without, blechhh!
Complex, like the kind in steel cut oats or 20 grain bread


clumsy ox said...

Huckleberries! I haven't seen those since I left home. My mouth is actually watering.

Looney Mom said...

Ha ha! That's me - "IF" I grow up.

NO CILANTRO?!?! That's what gives the salsa its special flavor. But I guess that doesn't fly in Oregon, huh? You just wait...

So I think I might do this meme. I haven't posted anything for today.

Sally said...

Who needs salsa...just give me cilantro! Not seriously, but I do LOVE cilantro...until the next morning, when I can still taste it.

And, who knew that there was a special mexican kind of oregano...and I'm a California girl (that's where the love of cilantro comes from).

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I saw quite a few tulips on my walk today...first I've seen this season!

And I'll have to skip this meme cuz I hate cooking!

Dapoppins said...

NO cilantro??? HOW CAN YOU!

Dapoppins said...

Okay...no cilantro in the slasa...but fresh in the pico-de-gallo (did I spell that right)

R said...

You are disjointed in the NoWest. I know for a fact.

Never tried Mexican Oregano.

Your response to whole bean coffee made me laugh outloud (I needed that).

Cashew butter tastes terrible. I wasted a good load of cash (imagine me walking past a garbage can and throwing it in) on eight dollar cashew butter (groceries are expensive here) and it tasted something unlike cashews.

I have dull cutlery.

I have too much bread in the freezer. I heard a teenager say to me once (as I was putting bread in the freezer) "I hate people who put bread in the freezer."

And you are nuts to not like cilantro. I think this is where we part company. You like cashew butter (Satan's ground nut---I love cashews though) and I love cilantro. LOVE it.

Ba Doozie said...

I agree that the sense of community is lacking. Neighbors don't know each other anymore, no one invites you over for dinner etc. kinda stinky

Emma Sometimes said...

cilantro, lime juice, diced tomato, diced onion (diced with a sharp knife mind you), voile' you are cookin!!

Ames said...

Where on your blog would I find your recipe (or method of cooking) for steel-cut oats? I already did the first logical step, Google, but was just curious as to how you prepare yours.