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Monday, April 02, 2007

"The Week That Was" or "Hellooooo....?"

I kick off this post with a tip of the hat to Rocky and Bullwinkle. If you didn't get the title, rent a compilation DVD and you will.

I had surprisingly few comments last week, coupling that with how busy and totally tired I was, I wasn't very motivated to blog. I traveled too much over the previous two weeks, so I was just wasted. Having done some resting, I'm getting back into it...slowly.

I hope y'all don't mind that this blog has become a place that is kinda split between introducing issues and topics for thought on personal and spiritual growth and the story of my personal life. I'm trying to jazz up the place (as if the new template wasn't an obvious attempt) and make it a pleasant stop on your tour of the Worldwide Web (a tip of the hat to Al Gore, teehee). What do you all think?

If you haven't seen Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel, you are so missing out. Some of the most captivating footage of nature I've ever seen. It is right up there on the "breath-taking scale" with the features I've seen on IMAX screens about nature, and, taking into account that I'm watching it at home in lo-def, that is really saying something. Now, it does spout some global warming stuff, but it is kept to a minimum. Sigourney Weaver does a great job narrating it. I'll probably buy the over-priced DVD set when it comes out. For those of you mom's out there who are homeschooling, think "science class" that is captivating to watch and buys you an hour of uninterrupted free time ;) Just set your VCR to record it (or TiVo, for you that have it).

I think that's it for today. Many blessings, prayers and well-wishes to all who come by here.

God be with ye (or "goodbye" as it's become),



Delia said...

I saw previews for Planet Earth and planned on watching it but I haven't gotten to yet. Somehow I've gotten it mixed up in my head that it comes on Mondays. It's really on Sundays, right?

Chelf said...

Dick Cheney has high-fives for a comment this week about AlBore:
"many say that global warming is manmade... and I think they have found that man."

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I saw a commercial for that last week at the movies but I thought it was outdated

Niki said...

Yeah DVR...I'm way ahead of you on the whole "science class" idea J! ;)

Blog on brother!

Looney Mom said...

Hey Li'l Brudder! I missed you. Too bad we don't have cable/satellite whatever. I guess maybe you can loan me your over-priced DVD some time? I think I need to start acquiring materials... more on that later.

P.S. Love the NEW link on the sidebar... "Liz the Great" -- ha ha! You're a riot.

Beanie said...

thanks for visiting at my blog, I'm at the new place temporarily until some things change, I had a different blog, but shut if down for awhile, I can't say here my other ID, but I had just started to get to know you when I moved.

I really did hate mac's, That white one I had, I hated it from day one. They have their good points, but that one was just poorly designed...period. The real story is, at christmastime we were visiting my mom, and the bag the mac was in got left outside the car, and I ran it over, destroying the laptop hard drive. I was quite upset at the time, but later on down the road after finding the $$ to get a new one, I decided to have some fun with the ruined one. I had all my itunes on my ipod and if you have your ipod synced to a mac, you have to use another mac in order to get your songs off, and I didn't want to lose hundreds of dollars of songs, plus the new mac is better designed, more durable, etc.

sorry for the ramble

Dapoppins said...

I saw some bits on Oprah, it was beautiful...Go Intelligent Design! And how is your wife? You need to let us know when she is feeling better. Poor thing. Go rub her feet right now. Or let her sleep.

While your doing your back exercises.

Dapoppins said...

Dapoppins Fantasy Play Ground? Should I change the tittle to my blog??? I sound like a scary motel from a B movie.

Hummm. On second thought. It may just apply. Sorta.