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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What in the World Are We Coming To?!

This is a sad piece of information:
In a 2000 CDC-sponsored survey, more than half of TV viewers said they trust health information on prime-time shows to be accurate, and about one-quarter said prime-time television is one of their top three sources of health information.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, a significant portion of the population believes what they see on House and Grey's Anatomy. That bothers me. Such notions stifle the freedom of these shows' writers to come up with creative and interesting story lines. But, it is the over-reactionary sheep who follow the wrong shepard that guide the course of most things in our world.

Last night, some yahoo thought it would be funny to hit the "Emergency Stop" alarm on the hot tub at our apartment complex. Jen and I live right next to the hot tub. This happened at 1am. I called the emergency pager and left my numeric message. Ten minutes later: no answer. Twenty minutes later: no answer. So I page them again leaving all three phone numbers we have (Jen's cell, my cell, our home phone). Thirty minutes have elapsed now: still no answer. I called the management office and left a message for them to find when they get in in the morning. I did so thirty minutes later. It was after 2:30am before I finally was able to make a bed out in the living room (where the alarm was least audible {you couldn't escape it no matter where you were}) and try to get some sleep. It took me some time to finally overcome the alarm and drift off. I awake at 4:30 to my cell phone alarm. I lay silently for a moment...yup, it's still going off out there. So, I make it out the door, and now I'm at work. I have a thirteen and a half hour day today and tomorrow, with some overtime of Friday. I'll be calling the management office on one of my breaks today.

I'll post more later if the brain fog clears and I can think of something.


R said...

That deeply, truly, SUCKS!

I am sorry. If I could, I would go over there and kick some butt for you.

Dapoppins said...

At about 3 a.m I would have been looking for an ax.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I am all too familiar with alarms. I live across the street (well, sort of) from a Synagogue and they have an alarm system that occasionally malfunctions and goes off.

Ba Doozie said...

I'm with dapoppins here totally! only I would have been looking for the ax after 30 minutes, I have very little patience for interupted sleep. I'm imagining they are going to catch it from a few peeps. hopefully!