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Monday, May 14, 2007

Are They Serious?

So, every morning, when I walk through the door from the shop into the rest of the building, I nearly trip to my death over an industrial throw carpet that is strategically placed to do so (why else would they put it there?). On the carpet, there is a picture of a dude, who's skeleton you can see because he's being jolted by a bajillion volts of electricity. The carpet reads, "Be Careful With Electricity!" Ironic, no?

Thanks for all who asked. Jen is well now. She got the referral necessary to see a specialist who can do further analysis. Please pray for that.

And, because I'm tired and very unoriginal today, I have this meme thingy that I'm doing. Everything has to start with the first letter of your name.

1. Your Name: Jared
2. Famous singer/band: Jewel
3. 4 letter word: Jack (like, as in to jack up a car)
4. Street name: Juniper
5. Color: Jade
6. Gift/present: Jewlery
7. Vehicle: AMC Javelin
8. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Joke toys (fish tasting candy, exhaust pipe whistle)
9. Boy's Name: Jaymz
10. Girl's Name: Jamima
11. Movie Title: Heat Guy J (anime series)
12. Drink: Jeremiah Red (an ale made by BJ's)
13. An Occupation: Java Barista (or Jerk, as in soda jerk)
14. Flower: Jasmine
15. Celebrity: Jared Leto (Jack Black)
16. Magazine: J-14 (which I have never held an issue of in my hands)
17. U.S, City: Jamestown, VA (the first colony in the US recently celebrated it's 400th anniversary)
18. Pro Sports Team: Jacksonville Jags
19. Fruit: Jonagold apples
20. Reason for Being Late to Work: Jostled in a mugging
21. Something You Throw Away: Junk
22. Things You Shout: Justify!
23. Cartoon Character: Jerry the Mouse (he kicks cat tail!)

Well, time to go put out fires.




Emma Sometimes said...

Jared's joking and jesting is just jovial joshing. Jive?

Dapoppins said...

I am feeling a little lost...is this Sesame Street?

KingJaymz said...

This is the unshaven armpit of the internet. You end up here when you get lost.

Yes, J is the letter of the day.

"Bo knows near. Bo knows far."

Ninja Clement said...

Favourite God: Jesus (duh!)

KingJaymz said...

NC: That was a shuriken right to the katana hand of this post. Zing!!