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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I dub thee, Sir 200, er...well 201

Well, one year and nine days after I began blogging, I've hit post number 200 (and one). Wow, all the mindless drivel I've covered in the last 2o1 posts... A lot of memories there.

Here's what I've gained through blogging over the last year and 201 posts:

I found missionaries blogging on line that I now support.
I have become friends with people from Portland, OR to Fairfax, VA to Edmonton, Alberta.
I have become "real life" friends with bloggers I have met online.
I have connected with "real life" friends on their blogs.
I have become quite close to several bloggers. Close enough to consider them family.
I have discovered much about myself by my reflections and musings.
I have found a voice to be heard in this world that others have validated as significant.

I could not imagine myself apart from the blogging community. Maybe it sounds sad to some, but it certainly doesn't feel sad to me. I have found a genuine community here that I have not discovered elsewhere. So many people are too busy living their own lives to stop and develop relationships. People come on line to have a voice, to be heard, to be validated, and relationships are the natural out-growth of those needs being met by others in the community they are in.

So, I look forward to the next 200, even more so than the last. I wonder what is in store for me..?


clumsy ox said...

It's been a pleasure to have been involved (in a very tiny way) with your online journey.

Some of my closest friends are online friends. Like you, I find the possiblities on the Internet exciting. Sure, there is all sorts of filth and evil here too; but there is a real opportunity to connect with people we'd never otherwise meet.

Anne said...

Congrats! I've enjoyed my time in blogland as well. I've enjoyed getting to know different people and sprinkling a little gospel here and there.

Emma Sometimes said...

woohoo. The big 201. ah, the good ole days.

I'm sorry I missed you at The Dapoppins abode. Flu waits for no man (or child, in this case) I hope we didn't scare off QueenJaymz making her snort her dinner. Once you get to know Mr. Coffee and I, you will discover I am really not funny in real life...heck, I don't think I'm funny on my blog either.

Darn it.

Dapoppins said...

Emma, not funny on your blog? What is this? You silly girl.

I dont know what is in store either. I keep thinking I am going to kick the blogging habit. But it is just too darn fun to have an audience who listens.

I think it is so cool that you have found a vitural church here for community and encouagement. Me too. And more accounatablity that an invisiable incognito mom of four ever expected.

Okay, what did I spell wrong this time?

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...