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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Slyly Consuming a Pink Martini

Hey! It's Super Bentio Bros! Things like this make me happy I have to consume food to stay alive. Mario is made from ham, red bell pepper, and noori (or seaweed, as we in the US call it), on top of plain white rice. The Starmen are made of daikon (Japanese radish) and cheddar, with noori overlays. Then you have daikon and salmon hearts, with mushrooms (and what could be more Mario than mushrooms?). More lunch entertainment at the end of the post, including Pac-Man, Kirby and Bowser (aka King Koopa).

Hurray! Today is the last day I have to wake up at 4am this week!!! I'm so happy. I need libations to celebrate!

So, got guests coming over and aren't sure what to do? Last minute and your cooking a meal to boot? I have a suggestion for you: check out this recipe. I will be doing this when I get the chance to make dinner again in the near future. It's too simple and delicious looking to not do. You should check out some of the gorgeous cakes the gal on this blog does, too.

I referenced Pink Martini (in more ways than one) in my Tuesday post. I bought their album on Walmart.com and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Their music has been well described as "Tastefully and beautifully performed Latin-world-fusion-lounge-jazz. Uncategorizable and impressively multilingual." If you like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Lucciano Poverotti, Michael Buble, classical music, foreign traditional music or Latin waltzes, you'd love Pink Martini. They are very different. They are one of the few recent products of my home state that I'm actually proud of.

Speaking of Martini's, for those of you who understood what I was saying in this post, you know that the Madras is the drink containing the fruit juice and not vermouth and tonic water. I did come up with a name for my drink, however. It contains less alcohol than beer, so I'm wondering what the law is for mixed drinks on this, if it qualifies or not. It doesn't contain anything distilled. Whatever, in any case, since it is light, crisp and refreshing, I named it after a certain song made famous by Frank Sinatra. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...{drum roll}... the "Summer Wind!" Here's the recipe:

2.5 oz dry vermouth
8 oz tonic water
cocktail ice

Fill a pounder/pint glass with about 6 to 8 oz of ice by volume. Measure out and pour over the vermouth. Fill the rest of the way to the top with the tonic water. Stir with something rounded so that you don't "bruise" the drink. I like bamboo skewers.

The final alcohol content of this drink is about 3% (probably a little less) by volume. It's just enough to relax you. Do not even dream of consuming either vermouth or tonic water if you're pregnant. They both contain quinine which can act as an abortificant. If you feel the desire to suddenly lambaste quinine and go on a campaign to get it removed from all of our foods, just know that nutmeg consumed in sufficient quantities is a powerful hallucinogen. There's the potential for this all over the place. Just get educated on these things and talk to your doctor. I'm not a medical expert you should be taking advice from (there, now I should have my butt covered).

On Tuesday, I heard the best video gaming news that has been announced in about a year (about a year ago, we got our first real peak at the Wii's functionality and control scheme), though the news release dated Thursday May, 24: the fourth game in the Sly Cooper series is in development. There will be two different Sly games, actually. There are exclusive versions for the PS3 and PSP coming out. I have always told Wii haters who worship Sony that if Sly 4 ever comes out, I'll get a PSwhatever it comes out on. I didn't think it'd ever happen. Now it has. Not being an owner of an MP3 player or digital media device, it serves as a great excuse to pick up a PSP. I will be waiting at least until the game is launched to procure a PS3. And I'll probably get a used one from a pawn shop like another wise blogger's wise husband.

Well, that's all I have for today. Come back tomorrow when I discuss the controversial issue of hugging (I'm not being euphemistic or facetious either). Until then, bask in the glory that is the Super Bentio Bros! That's an order!

Saving the best for last


clumsy ox said...

Love the food art! I wouldn't want it on my table though, I'd be unwilling to eat it, as it would destroy the art.

Speaking of drinks, I stopped in a beer store recently and bought a six-pack of Blithering Idiot. Haven't had a chance to taste it yet, but the name alone drove me to purchase.

I mean, Blithering Idiot! I couldn't imagine a better name for a beer.

R said...

My kids loved the food art. They knew each one! Tells you how ingrained they are with video games!

Dapoppins said...

I knew that drink should have "Summer" in the name somewhere. So. Gold star?

The princess wanted to look at the food over and over and over. I don't think she would eat it, however. Is that local?

Emma Sometimes said...

Which album do you have? I think Hang On Little Tomato is my favorite, but if you see my myspace, I have to have a French ditty from their first album. I like Buble, Pavarotti, Frank, Ella, Etta, classical and Mambo Sinuendo (you should check out that album, it's FANTASTIC!!)

That food is a riot. Now how would you eat pictured Bowser? Head first? Backside? I'm just wondering.

Huzzah for pawn shops. I also buy DVDs there and sell them on Half.com for mad money...or maybe some two buck chuck. hehe.

KingJaymz said...

Mark: I checked the brewery website and there's no way to get that out here. {In my best Napoleon Dynamite voice} Luck-yyy.
I'd eat the food, but I'd take high quality stills with my SLR digital camera first for framing and display in my dining area. Wouldn't that be fun? Especially for something like a small Bento joint?

R: Video games are such a part of our culture, not to mention a valid artistic expression. Kirby and Mario are more recognizable than many historical figures, sad as that may be.

Poppins: Your such a gold(star)-digger! {Stamps}DENIED{on proposal}
No, it isn't local. People made these themselves and then posted pictures of them on a forum linked to a post from yesterday on www.nintendowiifanboy.com.

Emma: I bought Hang on Little Tomato. It says it will arrive between Friday and Monday. I'm pullin' for tomorrow. Maybe you and Mr. Coffe and I and QueenJaymz can get together for a cuppa joe one evening and you can share Mambo Sinuendo with us, as well as your trade secrets on pawn shops.

I'd eat the leg and tail first just so I wouldn't have to think about him farting whilst attempting to consume him. Don't ask me why that would cross my mind. I'm just a male, that's why.

Delia said...

My kids liked the food art too.

Thanks for your comment/advice yesterday, Bro. I really needed it.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

It amazes me how creative people get with food.

I'm going to have to check out Pink Martini, they sound really interesting.

Looney Mom said...

That food art is so very cool man. I thought for a sec there that you did that.

You know... I could really use one of those drinks (or a couple) but with more SUMMER in it than 3%. Oh boy...

Anne said...

What about "bluegrass" music? Does Pink Martini have any hint of "bluegrass"?

As for "games" - I spent a few days with a friend of mine at her mother's house in "egypt" Kentucky with all the deer ticks. Anyway, my friend's mother is adicted to World of Warcraft? She could even talk to the other players - out loud. I'm lost. She's ate up with it.