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Monday, May 07, 2007

Two Things

I don't usually double-dip, but I had to today for two reasons:

1. Least importantly: I am now posting over at NintendoFatCamp. I will have my second up shortly.

2. Most importantly: R, over at the Greenhouse of Processed Cheese has lost her father. She now has to make a cross country trip to a hostile environment to be there for his funeral. Please pray really, really hard for her and her family (husband, two sons and a daughter) as they try to go put things in order. I'm not at liberty to say more (and certainly may have said too much here already), but please pray for them.

Scroll down for my other post today, but not before praying for R and her family.


Looney Mom said...

Well, I popped over to the "nintendofatcamp" yesterday and I got sidetracked and didn't comment but I read the articles you linked. Interesting. Maybe I need to do that!

And I will say a prayer for "R" and her family.

R said...

Thank you, Jared. I need it.

Dapoppins said...

Greenhouse of processed cheese???

Dutifully praying for R...

Ba Doozie said...

all this wasted time not knowing what she was going through!