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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Everything Is Going To Be...Okay

Did anyone see the new episode of American Inventor last night? This guy had an invention he called My Therapy Buddy which was a deformed, blue oompa-loompa stuffed toy that said, "Everything is going to be...okay" in a disturbingly creepy voice when you pressed its "toe." It was geared toward adults which was the scary part of it to me. I'm with the British judge that said that if you need a My Therapy Buddy everything is certainly not going to be okay. I found the voice it had to be sickeningly disconcerting. My stomach turned when I heard it. Sadly, he made it to the second round.

There was an odd dude in a cowboy hat who had way too much energy, too. He was far too excited about these wheels he "invented" for bicycles. Essentially, they were supposed to get a motorists attention to children riding bikes. They weren't the least bit reflective, and they had playing card designs on them. He was really off the wall. I don't remember if he named them, but I think he would've called them The Awesome or something of the like if he did. He stood there for over a minute after he was rejected, like he just couldn't believe it. He started to freak out verbally, which drew security in to escort him out. It was almost exciting.

Well, enough tom-foolery. The title of this post is a cryptic response (though I'm talking about it, so that might disqualify "cryptic" as being accurate) to many questions I got from others over the last 24 hours. I pulled my previous two posts. I was actually hoping people would take my post about top 5s seriously, as I actually like my readers and would love to know a little more about them. I didn't just want to leave it up if no one wanted to participate.

My post about child bearing began to turn into a debate. One that I'm not open to having at this time. Let me make it clear: Nothing inappropriate, cruel or mean-spirited was said. There's nothing wrong with other people having different opinions than me, but that is such a raw wound that I don't have the ability to deal with it being poked at right now. I don't have family or friends who live close by who provide the kind of positive support that balances out all of the crap that we get from other people about who we are, what we do and what we believe. I am in a job where I am the public face of the very stupid decisions my bosses above me are making, so I get chewed out and take a lot of fire that they deserve because I'm most convenient to yell at. So, my skin is pretty thin right now when it comes to very personal issues I've suffered through that deal with who I am. Debates I'd usually be open to having are a little more than I can deal with.

I'm vacillating about whether or not to restore these posts. I'll let you guys tell me if you want them back up. Because of all of this, I'm going to delay the post I have prepared about hugging until sometime next week. I know it will draw a lot of disagreement from certain visitors, so I'm saving it. I was up for a debate on that topic, but a small amount of debate on a very personal topic is equal to or greater than a large amount of debate on a general/non-personal topic, thus I have been worn out. I suppose when it comes depends on how things go this weekend, and particularly today at a meeting I have. I have a feeling my boss is going to change my schedule and require me to show up and start working odd shifts (either ungodly early or ungodly late) beginning Monday of next week. Have I mentioned I need a new job?

Probably more to come tomorrow, so leave a comment and come back soon.

By the way, does someone know how to embed audio in blogger? I'd love to be able to do that, but I know nothing about it.


clumsy ox said...

Embedded audio is evil, bro. You might want to shy away from that.

There's almost nothing that bothers me as much as opening a webpage and having it blare something out my speakers. Youtube-esque video isn't as bad, as it sits silently until you push "Play". But anything that turns on my speakers without my explicit request is evil.

Ba Doozie said...
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Dapoppins said...

I saw part of that show last night. Part, because it's all "reality" T.V and nothing is interesting. It does not thrill me to watch people humliate themselves. I'd rather watch LOST reruns.

Sally said...

I think you should restore the posts...just shut off the comments if you're getting wacky ones by people who think they're high and mighty.

I loved the discussion about having kids...and I personally try to not preach at others when I leave comments...blogging is for getting your OWN thoughts out there on your blog, and to respond respectfully to other's posts on their blogs.

Hang in there, King Jaymz! I'll add you to my prayer list! Don't give up on church and prayer yet!

Looney Mom said...

What kind of audio? I've got some options for you depending on what you need. Email me.