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Monday, June 25, 2007

Like, DOI, I Totally Forgot!

This is an official IN YOUR FACE WORLD notification! The OSU Beavers have repeated at College World Series of Baseball champions, needing only 2 games (instead of 3, like last year) to put a sufficient beat-down on the UNC Tarheels to prove their awesomeness and superiority! After years of being the butt of many jokes in sports nation, we have arrived! WE ARE NUMBER ONE FOR TWO YEARS IN A ROW!! Good luck to all the Beaver players, especially Darwin Barney and Mitch Canham, who got taken in the most recent baseball draft. You did us very, very proud boys.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

PS When was the last time the Ducks won the national championship in baseball or football? How about "NEVER!!!"

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majeau13 said...

ah, I remember watching Game 3 of that series last year at the ESPN Zone restaurant in New York City. There was actually quite alot of people watching it, and lined up to get in to watch it.

Congrats dude!