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Monday, June 18, 2007

Out with the FireFox, in with the Maxthon

I have found the answer to man's longing for Internet surfing bliss. Thy name be Maxthon. I don't know about y'all, but I migrated to FireFox before version 1.5something. And I loved it! It was awesome. The interface was fresh and sensible, and it loaded up pages quickly without quibble. Yet...then the dark times came. After some upgrade beyond 1.5, my beloved FireFox became so much like IE that I could nary tell the difference. It locked up and shut down randomly. Page loads were slow and heavy. It became so big that it was sucking up a ton of available RAM to run the program, as opposed to downloading pages. I still preferred my dear FF to IE by miles because I liked the look and customization more.

Then came Maxthon. People, you have to try this. You'll love the way it displays favorites when you click on the button. It is sleek and appealing in design. And, it brings back the lost joy of nearly instantaneous page loads! If you haven't been to check it out yet, you should download it and give it a try. There's no risk, as it will come clean off your computer if you decide you don't want it. However, you may never surf the same again! And, as always, free is a very good price ^_^

I'll get off of my open source pedestal now *^_^*
On another side note, I'm beginning to think that I'm gathering the courage to go get inked up. I'm contemplating potential tats. Anybody out there who's gotten some ink wanna share? I'd love to see some folks do some posts and pics of their tattoos and why they got them.

After last week, I've been wondering the "Where to from here?" for my blog. Blogging about post-modernism and faith in Jesus really got me pumped up. I'm thinking of doing more posts exploring that topic, and how it changes the face of Christianity.

I hope you'll all join me on this spiritual journey. I'd pray that you'd have a sip of the coffee here, and think about these topics with me. I've never been more excited about my faith, nor has it ever made so much sense. I'm thinking radically, like Jesus thought, about how we live our lives in this world. I'd encourage you to do the same. The Church doesn't start looking different by being the same as the world around it. We have to quit shooting for form (like avoiding alcohol or not going to the movies) and start grasping the real (like getting to know who your neighbors are and just loving on them for Jesus' sake). Let's contemplate together what we can do to radically change ourselves, and in turn the world, for Jesus.


cathouse teri said...

I have a tattoo on my ankle. I got it the summer I turned 45. You can read the details of the where and why here:

It's likely that you will be offended by my candidness and use of vulgarities, so you may want to just skip down to the question where he asked me about the tattoo. It might avoid having your eyes and ears burned out of your head. :)

You asked!

Both of my sons have tattoos. They chose designs that were very personal for them. My youngest, for instance, has the line from a song (bannered on a cross) down the length of his forearm. When I was pregnant with him, I wanted to die, and I heard that line from a song playing on the radio and it brought me to my senses. It is the part in the song entitled "Signs" (from the seventies) where the guy wanders into a church and when they pass around the plate he has no money. So, he makes up his own little sign that says, "Thank you Lord for thinkin 'bout me; I'm alive and doin fine!"

And I was. Alive and doin fine.

clumsy ox said...

Maxthon looks interesting. If I ran Winders, I'd check it out. I use Camino (Mac-only) and Safari.

I might consider getting ink, but you can buy a lot of beer for the price of a single tat...

The Family Jewels said...

No needles for me. I don't mind tats on others, just not for me. A friend of mine (also into tats) has a t-shirt that says Jesus loves me...and my tattoos. Do you have an outlet for sharing your faith? I am involved with an organization called TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) that is a really high energy weekend lock-in for high school students that in our area happens three times a year. It is put on by youth that have gone through before as candidates and come back to share Christ with others like themselves. As an adult you get just as much for yourself as the kids do. You should check it out.

Bob said...

What do you think of this?

I never thought about it much because I'm needlephobic. Very simple answer for me...hehe.

What would you get?

MugwumpMom said...

Love the idea of not shooting for form (the don'ts) and grasping the real (like the do's - as in do get to know your neighbour and do extend the hand of mercy and grace to everyone!) Very cool - definitely will join you in exploring that.

As for tats - I'm 45 and just started wanting one recently - my name in Hebrew lettering, on my wrist (my name in Hebrew means "ringing cry of joy to Yahweh") and the lettering is very cool looking! I'm just too scared of needles - maybe a few beers in Vegas will do it! (oops, was that too real?)

Enjoy your day.

KingJaymz said...

Teri - no worries. It takes a lot to rattle me. We may not agree on everything, but that's cool. I'll have to go check it out.

Ox - It's okay, dude. There's room for MacIntrash heretics in the Kingdom of God! However, not being a Mac heretic, why Camino over Opera, Safari or that other one for Mac that's popular?

Oh, and really good argument for not getting a tattoo. However, I just need to brew some of my own so I can start saving the money.

tfj - I'll have to check it out. I've never heard of that. My outlet for sharing my faith is not just here in blogland, but with my neighbors. Part of being an authentic post-modern Christian is promoting and building community where you are. It is getting to know your physical neighbors and loving on them for God's glory and Jesus' sake. It isn't out-right evangelism, but a nuanced love that looks different and smells sweet so that they want what you have. There is totally a place for sharing the story of God's love for them, but it is always in the context of love and relationship and never the primary means of the involvement in their lives.

bob - Jerusalem council, my man. It's in Acts of the Apostles. I go by that.

I'm thinking of getting Trogdor (do a Google search) on my arm. However, after MWM's comment, my name in Hebrew would be great too. I'm not quite sure. I have a bit of a "cartoony" personality, yet I'm incredibly serious about my faith. I have too many ideas floating around in my head.

MWM - totally not "too real." Find a place that has either Sheaf Australian Stout or Newcastle Brown Ale on tap and have a couple of those. The Sheaf will numb you up really, really good, and the Newcastle will get you to...uh...numb. I recommend those two because of their drinkability. They are totally awesome. Yeah, I think I might need a little anesthetic and a "little nip o' courage," as the Irish in me screams, before going to the needle.

I guess I never thought of the avoiding form being staying away from "don't" and shooting for the real as "do's," but now that you say it, that seems to be pretty much the case. Excellent thoughts.

Thanks all for the participation thus far today. Let's keep this up!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I think I'll try this new browser. I do like Firefox/Mozilla a lot, but I'm always up for something new...and if it takes up less space, that's a plus!

I don't have any tats, nor do I plan on acquiring any. For one thing, I don't like needles and would never willingly sit there while getting "shot up", for another, it seems that everyone and everyone's mother has tattoos nowadays and, well, I've always done my own thing and not done something because it's "the cool thing to do". And also, my parents don't approve of them and I would rather not do something that my parents would goad on me for the rest of their lives...

As for your future posts...all I can ask is that purhaps they should be a tad shorter...focusing on ONE main point. As someone not familiar with the concepts it was VERY difficult to follow because it just felt like an onslaught of information and by the time I was done reading a post I had so much information crammed in my head, I couldn't make heads or tails of it.

KingJaymz said...

No harm on no tats. I've just always wanted one. Not because anyone else has one. I just do.

I'll try to boil it down, Sil, but, truth be told, I'm finding myself a bit confused on all of these thoughts of theology, philosophy and post-modern thought. The fact that life doesn't make perfect sense is the only thing that does make sense anymore, and trying to organize it in a systematic, digestable way is a tad arduous. But, I will listen to my readers, and I genuinely appreciate your feedback. I will try to, at least, keep it shorter in the future, if not a little more to one topic. The devil is always in the details, though, and when you start throwing around terms and ideas, I feel a definition for a more complete understanding is necessary. Now I'm going too deep in this. I'll quit while I'm behind (put down the shovel, turn off the backhoe).

In short, thanks for the suggestion, and I'll try to keep it much shorter in the future *^_^*

clumsy ox said...

Read that article on tatooes. Interesting, in a "let's mix up Scripture into a jumble of half-statements, then pull out what we want to hear" sort of way.

I love how the author on the one hand says the ban on tatooes was not just for the dead, then turns around and says the prohibition on shaving was actually a forbidding of pagan worship. Which, he claims, is obvious from context.

So apparently context matters when shaving is forbidden, but not when tatooing is forbidden.

My head still hurts from trying to follow that one.

The fact is, 1 Timothy 1:9&10 clearly says the Law is not for the righteous. Acts 15, Galatians, 1 Timothy 1, Romans 7... the uniform testimony of Scripture is that Christians are dead to the Law.

Having said that, there are parts of the Law that would be pretty cool. Polygamy has a lot of appeal to men younger and more energetic than I (De. 25: 5--11 stipulates the duty to conceive children with your sister-in-law should your brother die, and doesn't provide an exception clause if you're already married); a party with "strong drink" to worship the Lord would be a lot of fun (De. 14:22--27); I'd love a way to get out of mowing the lawn on Saturdays (Ex. 20:8--11); and freeloading off someone else's fields, orchards, or vineyards would be convenient (De 23:24--25; De 24:19--22).

But on balance, I prefer the Biblical teaching I am dead to the Law

Delia said...

I'll speak up on the tattoos. I love tattoos that are meaningful and I have two of them myself. I'm not really into the whole "fad" tats. You know the ones that you see everybody getting and they don't really mean a thing. I think a tattoo should represent something important or have some significant meaning. But, that's just my opinion.

I can't wait to read more about your spiritual journey. Your posts are very thought provoking, which is great. It's wonderful to rattle people's cages now and then and get them to really think about things.

uberstrickenfrau said...

I saw the word 'Bond servant' in Hebrew and always thought that would be cool for a tat. But, could I actually live that word out in my life? It's like wearing a cross, sometimes I don't feel I'm worthy of wearing one, and some days I feel holy enough to wear one. Weird, eh?

Ames said...

How about this?

I have been thinking about this tattoo thing myself. I am going to blog about my thoughts. . .

KingJaymz said...

That is frickin' sweeeeeeet, Ames!!! Though...it comes a little too close to the butt cheeks, don'cha think? I'd have to have it positioned up higher.

Ames said...

Yeah. . .but that's a minor detail.