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Friday, June 08, 2007

So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done

Well, I restored the post on procreation. I closed off and hid the comments. I might do another follow up one on the common "biblical" case made for bearing children. That would be something I'd be completely open to debate on. That's quite a bit less personal.

Allow me to reiterate, the comments I got were not intentionally rude, mean-spirited, angry, self-righteous or ill-intended. It is on me. I am not in a place where I feel like I have the ability to handle debate of that. I've been too wounded and it feels too personal. However, that has nothing to do with the contents of the comments that were left. That is all on me and how sore and vulnerable I feel about that issue. I maintain the high amount of respect I have for that commenter, and I do not consider them being in the wrong for anything. I wasn't aware how intensely hurt I felt about this issue until a debate began. No one (including me) could've known that. I still want them to be my friend, very much. They are not just good people, but the best people. We have discussed it, and things are fine.

Well, time to go find myself a new job. Have a great weekend.


Dapoppins said...

Job hunting is fun! Woopee. I know that something better awaits you.

Hey, You were talking about me. I just know it. It was all about me. I am good people! Do I get a gold star? I should get one now cause I AM GOOD PEOPLE.

R said...

I noticed my comment went down. I really hope that I did not say anything to sting you at all.

The subject can be a bit sensitive, especially if it sounds like, you are on the receiving end of a lot of garbage lately from people. I can't believe some would just come up and say stuff like that. Lots of gall.

Anyway, hang in there.

Looney Mom said...

Hey bro... The pic was hilarious. Doesn't it just feel like you're being misunderstood. I'm gonna call you in a while.


Emma Sometimes said...

I've been gone all day. It feels Twilight Zoneish to turn on the computer at 430 in the afternoon.

As for the post, it's all good.

And kudos for putting it up. I sincerely pray that God brings healing to the prodded and poked corners of your heart.

I always feel God brings people in our life to tend to the things He wants us to learn or experience. It used to baffle me how I could run into someone who interacts with me as my father or step mother have done. Now that I learned the poorly recommended Emma's stubborn 10 year plan for forgiveness, it's funny how it doesn't happen any more. Having kids and my own issues of parental unforgiveness are apples and oranges, but more is my point, expert sailors don't become that way by sailing calm seas.

There is a good side to growing pains. God will use this time as a tool later down the road. Perhaps once you get your degree.

(thank you, my friend!)

Niki said...

Sounds like you might have gotten some zingers from well-meaning but nosy people. That happens anytime you break with tradition or societal norms. It was year 7 before we had kids and people didn't mind bugging us about it either. You know what's right for your family and everyone else can just shove off. Whether or not you and Jenn EVER have kids...we'll love you and support you! ;)

BTW, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on hugs. If you haven't already, you need to read what I posted yesterday on Touch Hunger. Love you brother!

Nosy Emma Sometimes said...

King Jaymz is a great guy with a fabulous wife. He and I have talked about kids, families, pre-kids and agree that children are a VERY personal decision.

Inflection is never a strong suit of the written word, but regardless, dear commenters, I have apologized for putting my foot in an already sensitive subject. Please do not take up an offense that is already under the bridge.

It's all good!!!

I am glad we didn't scare you and your Queen at Shari's....but I bet you won't look at boy's that 'hafta go potty' in the same way. way..hehe.

I'm going to call her in the next week or two for a girls night out at the mooooovies.

PS. Mr. Coffee and I got a giggle because we had the same vehicle pre-child. Honda rocks my socks and I MISS IT.