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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Okay Everyone, It Is Safe to Come Out Now

Today, I'm going light-hearted and on "the beaten path." I'm trying to get a Vox blog up and running, but my work computer can't handle the script that the site runs. I'll probably end up working on that this weekend. It is a social networking site, but not like MySpace or Facebook. I joined Facebook, but it is really rudimentary. I don't like it much. I don't have a MySpace and I don't want one. Vox, however, isn't just about social networking. Their blogging tools are powerful, and there are tons of templates available for it. It lets you post video, audio and other things really cleanly, and the formatting is great. I'll put up a link of some sort when I get all that up.

How about some silly t-shirts and pictures? I could use a good laugh at this point in the week.

I love the Japanese version of Iron Chef. This picture was done up for a faux battle of a couple of Nintendo cooking games on a game review website. I love Chairman Kaga with the Mario shroom instead of the apple. It looks artistic and hilarious, all at the same time.

What does one say at the sight of such a hilarious comic? If I could make this into a poster, I would, and I'd hang it up in my den.

I know I'm heartless. You don't have to tell me.

I can't quit paying homage to my grammar school days wasted in front of an old Apple IIe playing Oregon Trail. This would have been a much cooler scenario than "Excessive Heat: Lose 4 days."

A little love with some "south of the border" flavor. Here's winking at you, Canuck bloggers.

If only they really made one. Now there's an Elmo toy I would buy.

Picture me as the dude with the dark hair and sunglasses. I've known people in their 20's not far off from this. Scary. Very.

As if the women of the world needed just one more reason not to date a person whose life is consumed by D&D or Shadow Run. The shirt in this one is classic. No one loves Jar-Jar.

I'd call this one "dorky wakes up." I think it's fitting.

At least, it was last night. I was pretty busy running around getting an air conditioner for the bedroom, so this was about all I had when I got back. Oh, wait! I had pizza at Costco, too.

I not only have the brewing pedigree, but also the ancestral heritage to qualify me for the team and make me captain! The tag line advertisement for this tee was "God gave the Irish whiskey to keep them from taking over the world." I had to laugh at that one.

I saw a little window sticker the other day that said, "Beer: It's faster and cheaper than therapy." Sad, but there's some truth to it.

That's all for today.



The Family Jewels said...

You are truly revealing deeper and deeper levels of yourself. Thanks for the smile today!

Dapoppins said...

This was a really long post. I had to scroll so much my finger is tired.

I need a gold star to match the other one.

KingJaymz said...

How about giving me a gold star for gathering so many entertaining things for you to laugh at?! Keep it up, Smartypoppins. You know you're just painting a big red bullseye on your...uh...your...uh...yeah!

MugwumpMom said...

Where do you get this stuff? Great giggle.

And as for the "eh team" - YOUR the one who puts "eh" at the end of some of your posts!

Cheers from this Canuck

KingJaymz said...

It's a well intended, comedic nod to all of my blog friends up in your parts. I have almost as many Canadian blog friends as I do US blog friends.

uberstrickenfrau said...

funnie stuff, but I am so WOUNDED at the star Trek slam, sniff.Not really, I feel like the only thing I can comment on is the silly stuff, I read the deep stuff, I just feel I have nothing to add thats of any value to the disCUSSions. ( sorry, couldn't resist..;o) )

Delia said...

[showing my weirdness here]

I was chuckling until I got to the "I love cats" t-shirt, then it became an full-grown laugh. Thank goodness I'm not drinking anything.

Is that really on a t-shirt somewhere?

R said...


It just plain rocks.

queen z said...

you know, I always admire this template when I come here, did you design it yourself?

ablondeblogger said...

LOL!! LOVE the t-shirts!!