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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Point Well Missed

My whole point was about not getting hung up on the less important things, yesterday, but that was exactly what all of the conversation was about -_-' To my point: There are millions dying in torture camps in totalitarian regime ruled countries all over the world and most Christians don't give a damn. As a matter of fact, most Christians care more about the fact that I just said "damn" than the fact that millions are dying in torture camps. That is some screwed up moral priorities right there. My goal yesterday wasn't, "Let's throw around foul words to fit in or because we can." My point is that the majority of the Evangelical church is so hung up on things the Pharisees worried about as it applies to the day-to-day life of the "average" believer that they are neglecting the most important things. Are we whitewashed walls, or is there more to our faith than that? Let's set aside our cultural sensitivities for a moment to consider the bigger principle. There are non-Christians that come to my blog, and what does it say to them about the community of faith that we are more worried about having our cultural sensitivities offended than we are about children starving or the health and welfare of exploited aliens tricked into being trafficked here and forced into prostitution? I'm not aiming this at any single individual, I'm just saying that we all need to take a good look in the mirror and consider what's more important.

For the rest of today's post, I'm gonna just say that it is over at Niki's Sex, Love and Marriage blog. She's given me the honor of making me a co-author over there, and I have put up my first post. It's my story from a touch-hunger perspective. Obviously, the content is mature, but presented in the context of my faith. If we don't share with each other, where in the "world" will we get that information, eh?



R said...

I think though, cleaning up the Church is important as well. We all need to strive for holiness, of course. And we need to strive for further sanctification, of course.

You are right though, there are more important things (besides being upset about a cuss word) to deal with in this world.

Looney Mom said...

No. I got your point but sorry I was wondering where acting like the world fit in to trying show Jesus in our lives. It just seems like a contradiction.

Even after saying that I STILL know what you're saying. We need to reach people where they're at like Jesus did. Maybe I was just thinking out loud with my comment last night. At least it got me thinking.

Or, maybe I'll just keep reading and saying nothing since I don't know anything about theology.

The Family Jewels said...

You know it is like I said...we all need to find our own style of sharing our faith with others and just do it. I didn't like the cuss word and I don't like when they sometimes come out of my mouth in anger, but I saw past it and understood very clearly what you were saying. Nobody is perfect all of the time and we shouldn't expect any more of anybody else. Be strong in the fact that you are not sitting on your deck judging others as we have been instructed against doing. Whatever sins you commit are between you and God and whatever sins I commit are between myself and God.

I am concerned with the fair treatment of all people and my contribution to the betterment of society is in doing foster care. I am hopefully changing the future of some of these young people and showing them that there are other ways of treating people and other ways of living. I do not pre-judge them before they come into my home...I know as much as I can about their backgrounds, but they get to make their own impressions on me.

Jared I am glad that God put you in this world and that He gave us all the freedom of free choice. I think you are making fine choices in the way that you are sharing Him with others.

Dapoppins said...

I got to go to Brazil for three weeks on a mission trip years ago. What was more important, holding orphaned chiildren in my lab, or worrying about the lice or possiable germs?

Delia said...

I just have to state my opinion on the language (curse words)...I try not to say the words that are labeled "curse words" but only because I have children. Well, that and I don't want to offend people. BUT, I don't think that the words themselves are bad. A couple of years ago my little boy heard "d*mnit". Knowing he couldn't say this word he made up his own variation to take its place. If he dropped his toy he would cry out, "Jammit!" This was not okay with me. The way I explained it to him was...It's not the word you use, it's the way you use it. You can turn any word into a "bad" word if the meaning behind it is "bad".

Now... onto the other...
I agree that the majority of people's (not just Christian's) moral priorities are messed up. The world would be a much better place if more people would take the time to care. But I don't know what to do to make them see those things they're avoiding looking at.

I'm off to read your post on Niki's Sex, Love, and Marriage blog.

Justin said...

As a matter of fact, most Christians care more about the fact that I just said "damn" than the fact that millions are dying in torture camps.

....do I smell some Tony Campolo plagiarism?

KingJaymz said...

Majeau, I've heard something similar to that before, but I didn't know that Campolo said something to that effect. Like I've said before, I don't really read these guys or listen to their sermons. However, I never claimed to be original in that regard; I was just making a point.

MugwumpMom said...

Heh Jared,
You have an excellent point, and it's my belief that getting hung up on those not so important things is actually a part of our fallenness, and even a strategy of the enemy to keep us ineffective. If our sin natures can keep us focused on externals like cussing, drinking, and face saving, then it never has to deal with the core issues like the deceit and selfishness in our hearts.

Let me illustrate. And this a true story.

Yesterday I was at a claim (I'm a claims adjuster) The homeowner was a worship leader in a local church. His 15 year old daughter had a huge house wrecker party where she and friends totally trashed the house, stole thousands of dollars worth of music equip, electronics and jewellery, and the dad told me he kicked her out. He has no idea where she is now - thinks she might be hitchhiking her way back to Edmonton. Anyway, my point is, in the midst of this heartwretching event, the man proceeds to show me the kitchen chairs that got broken and says "they're all f.....d" and the first thought in my head was "he's a worship leader and talks like that?" Instant judgement. He had copious amounts of booze in his house, all of which the teens drank. Again, in my head "I would think worship leaders had more integrity than that". Again, instant judgement. It was a mind battle the whole time. Instead of looking for ways to speak life to the man, I was battling this judging attitude in my head. Instead of focusing on the tragedy of a 15 yr old girl hitchhiking her way across country , alone, and possibly strung out on crystal meth, I was focused on the fact he was swearing like a trooper. Do you see the insidiousness here? We are in a battle - flesh vrs spirit, good vrs evil, love vrs hate, and compassion vrs apathy. It's everywhere, all around us, in us, and upon us, and is the reason Jesus had to die. No emergent will escape it. No evangelical will escape it. The only victory is admitting it - getting real with what's going on inside of us and bringing it to the cross again, and again and again for redemption. That is how He changes our hearts from selfish to giving, and that is when we begin to walk out a love that is accepting, gently correcting, and always geniune, just as His is.

Lest you think I'm a horrid callous person (face saving here!) I spent most of last night in prayer for this family and am meeting them again next week - this time armed with eyes that hopefully see past the mans external behavior to the cry of his heart, and his pain.

Niki said...

That'll preach sister! Very good points!

Dapoppins said...

Mugwump mom~ I would have been stuck at the judging point and thought nothing of it. Is not the external some reflection of the internal? But you are much wiser than I! ...a love that is accepting, gently correcting, and always geniune...isn't the Lord marvelous that He can accept and still correct? I love that about Him....hummm, now maybe i need some of that correction too!

justin said...

cool, i find it helpful if I know I am taking from somewhere to either say or write "I heard it said before" or "my friend said"
Plagiarism is one of weaknesses that keeps the medium (blogs) on the bottom of the credibility drum

KingJaymz said...

I wasn't really thinking about that when I typed this. I wasn't cognizant that I was borrowing.