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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Preparing for the Inevitable Take-over by our Robot Overlords

I went and saw Transformers this weekend. Parts of the movie were just so freakin' awesome that I about pooped myself right there in my seat. It was a little slow to start off, but it got over that. It is a movie that demands to be seen on the big screen. If you have a husband, brother, son, cousin, uncle over the age of 10 (but especially in the 25 to 35 year age range) you must take them or consider yourself a terrible wife, sister, mom, cousin, niece for the rest of your life. I've been waiting for this movie for 21 years. Go see it.

As I said, it did start off a little slow, but the characters are compelling and funny enough to keep you with it. Essentially, you're watching them watch the Transformers emerge, which you could do by taping yourself watching the Transformers cartoon at home and then watching that, but it isn't quite that ^_^

The only other thing I'll say is that I wish Brian Singer, rather than Michael Bay, had directed this project. Michael Bay isn't bad, but Brian Singer is what made the first two X-Men movies so great (he wasn't on the last one, which is why it was just so-so). Maybe Mattel will get smart and demand he come be the leader of the next project. I'd trade two pretty cool Transformers movies for one FREAKING AWESOME one. At least, with the ending they had, they better have another one.

Oh, that, and Optimus Prime's voice was done by Peter Cullen, who voiced him in the original cartoon series over twenty years ago. He is as great as Optimus Prime today as he was then. I'm just upset that they didn't get the same voice actors for Star Scream and Megatron. It didn't break the movie, but it really would have been just that much more awesome.

I have a few links worth visiting. Check out this one for everything put soberly and understandably that I've been trying to express about the emerging church movement. It is a short video that is engaging and refreshing to watch. This is actually from an Anglican perspective, so it is incredibly refreshing and totally cool! I love Anglicans (especially Joel and R)!

Here's good mojo working for you! A good deed by the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team did not go unreturned by the fate of the game they were playing. Click on the video in the upper right corner to watch a one minute snippet that gives the nice story.

Here's a short article on Discovery news that suggests that men and women actually have a very similar amount of words they use each day. The headline is misleading, and the scientist who conducted the study puts in some things that are total conjecture that get stated as fact, but I think that, at least for my generation, women and men are coming closer and closer to using about the same amount of words. I would expect this would not hold to be completely true for the generation above me, and I'm sure there is a wide cultural variance, but I think my generation is breaking down barriers the old ones used to see. Guys aren't afraid to talk about many things where the previous generation would keep silent. I'm sure that's contributing to our word count.

Well, that's all I've got for today. Gold star for anyone who makes it through this post and read everything (yes, even you Poppins; believe it and receive it, name it and claim it). I'll try to brew up something controversial for tomorrow to expand some minds.


R said...

Thank you, Jared, we like you too. :)

I did read your whole post---I think I need to take the boys to see Transformers! Well, I need to suggest to Dear Sir that he take them perhaps this weekend. That would be top notch.

Yes, I do pray for you when I am running. You just always come to mind , I think it is a habit now.

Dapoppins said...

GOLD STARRRRRRRRR! I am a super star! I made it though the post! I get a beautiful gold star! Mine, all mine. No, I will not be sharing.

You would be surprised at how many women I have spoken with how love the Transformers movie.

clumsy ox said...

kewl, gold star for me!

I've been thinking about Transformers, I guess I have to talk Ames into taking me...

And I think Anglicans are cool.

The Family Jewels said...

I needed that gold star today! Thank you and like dapoppins I will not be sharing it with anybody. MINE! MINE! MINE!

Jared, your receive a gold star for the movie review...I have been hem-hawing over whether or not to send the kids. The oldest child (Hubby who is 32) has already made it clear that he IS going and I will not be stopping him. I guess he gets to go and take those over 10 with him...wouldn't want to regret it for any amount of time.

Have a great week!


Niki said...

I loved, loved, loved the movie! Unlike my male friends, I was not familiar with the whole Transformers storyline. Control your shock Jared! I loved this movie...what a GREAT moral story! Not appropriate for my 7 year old who begs me 50 times a day to let him see it, but all of the children of the 80's sharing the theater with us wouldn't stop clapping and whistling at the end of it. It was good! Too violent and heart pounding for kids...unless they're over 13...or 26. ;)

As far as the words thing goes...I believe you could match me number for number Jared! ;) And for the record - I totally disagree with Dustin's opinion of the movie.