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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Spreading the Love & Random Ramblings

The above graph well represents my life from the ages of 13 to 18 (minus "segfaults" which I don't even know what they are, even after reading the linked Wikipedia page). I played much Mario Kart in my time. I got the original game for my birthday the year after it came out (1993) for the SNES. I still love that game.

I had to include this hilarious comment about Limp Bizkit's attempt to cover The Who's Behind Blue Eyes (I never liked Limp Bizkit anyway):

"I was always pretty much uncaring of their band. They had the occasional good rock tune that sounded good in the car or in a bar, but this made me want to sacrifice Fred Durst to my god in ways that would make the Mayans flinch."

It was on this list of worst cover tunes ever. There is swearing in there, so you are warned.

I feel like I needed to put in a note with all of the stuff I've been talking about in reference to the Evangelical movement, lately.

When I started down this road, I told myself that I wanted to become more in my faith and that I didn't just want to become a bitter ex-Evangelical. I've written some pretty scathing things about the movement as a whole over the last month or so, and I have done so with good reason. However, I know that there are a lot of you out there in my readership who attend an Evangelical church. I don't have any disdain for any of you on a personal level, whatsoever. I love you as the Brothers and Sisters that my faith in Jesus tells me you are. I see my frustrations with the Evangelical movement as a whole completely separate from my relationship with each of you. I thank you all for bearing with me during this difficult time of discovery, and I ask you to continue to pray for me. I love you all, and I pray for you.

I have left the Evangelical movement, and I will never return. God has called me on elsewhere. That doesn't mean that I have left relationships behind that mean more to me than any of you could know. The bond is not in the name of the movement, but mystical through our common faith. I look forward to continuing my sojourn with all of you.

Please do note and visit my new links on my sidebar. I forgot to add FlipFlopMamma back in when I moved blogs back in October, so she has reappeared. She's a cool hippy chick, and a mom. If you aren't already over at her blog daily, you should go check her out. You'll quickly become addicted.

Olga Uberstrickenfrau is also a new friend of mine. She tells incredibly interesting stories about yarn, so, if home crafts are your thing, you should go over and check her out. Even if they aren't your thing, she tells great stories.

Drummer Jay is a new friend too, daughter of Olga Uberstrickenfrau. She is a talented anime/manga style artist. Her artwork is worth the trip over to her blog and a stroll through her archives.

Last, but certainly not least, is Doctor Worm. A doctor of hearts, she has become a dear friend to me, recently. I gave her the nickname because of the They Might Be Giants song. If you've never heard it, you haven't lived...well, if I have to say that about a song they do, I'd probably better say it about Istanbul (not Constantinople). Yeah, that song. If you've never heard it, you've never lived. Anyway, go check out her blog.

I found this website, which I'm pretty disturbed by. I'm on neither the right nor left here, but somewhere in the middle. I don't buy into the arguments on either side. However, if anything of this website is true, then PETA should be ashamed of itself. They had the gall to compare people who eat chicken to Nazis, but it looks like they could actually be running a massive euthanization operation themselves. If I find out anything more on this, I'll get back to you. It really goes to show how much there is really two sides to every story.

Speaking of animal cruelty, by now you must've heard about the federal indictment against Atlanta Falcon's star quarterback, Michael Vick, on charges of actively participating in and supporting dog-fighting at his home in Virginia. John Goodwin of the Humane Society had this to say about the evidence:

If you'd like to read the full indictment, you should go here. I used to work at a law firm, and I can tell you, most legal documents are boring to sift through...not this one. There are very serious details from the get-go.

ESPN legal analyst, Roger Cossack, said that we should be careful not to rush to judgment, like what sadly happened in the grave miscarriage of justice in the Duke la crosse rape scandal. I will wade in cautiously, but Michael Vick has too much explaining to do to be innocent here. The Duke case was a nut job DA going after white players for the purpose of gaining political sway with the black community. He was a pathologically driven fruit. This is a federal indictment, done by a jury of peers, with lots of damning evidence, physical and testimony, gathered against Vick and his co-conspirators.

These kind of cases disturb me. This one especially because I am an NFL fan. This level of barbarianism is really crazy. It is one thing to raise an animal to eat it for food. It is another to train it to ruthlessly tear another animal to pieces and then execute it by dousing it with water and electrocuting it. I grew up raising cattle. Death was always quick and painless for them (though I could never be around to watch). It was always the most dignified means that could be provided. We never wanted our beasts to suffer. But, electrocution? Even more, raising it with constant abuse to turn it mean? It just makes me so sad.

On a lighter note, George Clooney is as fat as me! Check out this BMI calculator, if you dare. Did you know that the federal government reclassified anyone over a BMI of 25 to be overweight back in 1998. It used to be 27.5. I could get myself back down to 27.5, but I'd have to get down to 198lbs to be at the highest end of 25 again. So, really, they want me to shoot for about 190. I would be a stick! Our current president is probably the most physically fit one in the last 50 years, and by government standards, he's considered overweight! Can you believe that?! (Political and derogatory comments about the president will be deleted. No sidetracking here. Though, jokes about choking on pretzels are totally welcome, and will be laughed at.) After my two Temple Issues posts, I think you all know where I stand on this. PS My wife rules.

I will be doing a post tomorrow. Come back for more fun then. A round of gold stars for all my men...er, bloggers who make it this far and comment (but not just about getting gold stars, say something about the post; this means you Dapoppins =_=).


MugwumpMom said...

Speaking of PETA - I wonder what they'd say about the billions of rats in China that are being rounded up from all the flooding for shipping to the restaurants in the south (including Bejing?)

That dog fighting story broke my heart - don't think I'll have the stomach to read the indictment but will try.

You'd think making money equal to the GDP of a developing country, playing a sport would be enough, eh? Between gambling in hockey, steroids in baseball and now this, one trys not to paint pro athletes with the same brush but....

Anyway, have a good day.

Niki said...

Thank you for clarifying. I was greatly dsturbed by...your saying Istnabul was not the greatest song by TMBG. ;)

The dog fighting thing makes me sick. I'm not an animal lover by any stretch of the imagination, but cruelty to animals should never be tolerated! I hope he and his co-conspirators are prosecuted and charged. I'm not talking a petty fine here. Something that hurts him more than financially.

You are right...your wife rocks!;)

Where's my gold star?

Oh yeah. You already know this, but I wanted to tell you that you're safe to explore and discuss your faith with me - without fear of nastiness or judgment. I hope we have many more discussions about these things. I thought your comments today were really good.

clumsy ox said...

A segfault is basically when you try to access (especially by writing) data you don't own.

So if your program owns an "array" of 5 characters (say "Jared"), and you try to add two more (to make "Jared's"), then you've "walked off the end" of the array and tried to access memory you don't "own". This can result in a segmentation fault, and your program might well "core dump".

This is a huge over-simplification, but that's the basic idea.

KingJaymz said...

MWM - Thanks for chiming in. I feel ya.

Niki - Particle Man is a very close second. Doctor Worm is a decent and easy third.

PS You're not an Evangelical

Ox - The sad thing is that I haven't much of a clue still of how that applies to the way a computer runs...even with your major over simplification.

Chelf said...

I love that cartoon, and I check that site almost daily (OK, when I am online, and that is NOT daily).

I have yet to read all of the second post, but yes, your wife rocks. All wives rock. We do, really!

Delia said...

First...It's been obvious that your frustrations lie with the Evangelical movement and not with the people. Without going back through your posts (I'm too lazy to do so right now) I can't quote any specific thing you've said but I got the impression that one of your issues with the Evangelical church is that it focuses more on it's perceptions of "right" and "wrong" and not on the people.

Second...The Vicks case is very disturbing. I've been trying not to jump to conclusions and automatically assume his guilt but like you said he has a lot of explaining to do to be innocent.

Third...Mario Kart is awesome! My mama has one of the older Nintendo 64s and my kiddos still play Mario Kart when they go to her house.

And even though I don't know her I agree that Jen rocks!

The Family Jewels said...

I LOVE IT!!! You are so kind! You made me laugh and the kids had to come check on me as they caught me with a not happy face on today. Thank you for the other kind words as well.

I don't think that you have ever sounded condescending...you are just standing up for what you believe and you are willing to hear others opinions. You can talk to me anytime about your beliefs and I won't be offended.

What AM I going to do with all of these gold stars? I think my head is expanding a little now. I must step back into reality and find out why the kids are trying to vaccuum the felt backing off of the chess board.

-Doctor Worm

Sally said...

This M. Vick thing disgusts me...it almost makes me physically sick. I am an animal lover, and my dogs are part of my family...no living thing should be treated the way that Vick is being accused of.

Ohh, there are so many things I could say right now about this situaion, but I'm not going to...yet. Niki - I agree, if he's convicted, there needs to be some serious penalty! And they better not wait until after the season to deal with this, or I will lose faith in the NFL, and I may be forced to boycott the NFL the way we boycott the NBA!! =)

The Family Jewels said...

I need to clarify a bit. I am TOTALLY against the mistreatment of animals. I think that he should be punished in the same manner as the dogs were treated. No amout of money will fix what he did to those poor animals.

R said...

I don't even know what I am, Jared. An Anglican. I am comfortably dumb on the subject. I have a crush on C.S. Lewis. I truly am a morbid person.

I hate sports, I am not a fan of video games, and I don't keep up with current events. This all drives Dear Sir nuts.

There is no cure for my malady.