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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thoughts a Brewin'

I had a few thoughts about blogging that I was thinking, and I was hoping to get some good feedback on this.
I have struggled to get much response, as of the last week or so, and I'm wondering if I should split my blog into a few blogs to clear things up. You know, so people will know exactly what they're in for every day when they click on the link.
I have a strong love for cooking, especially when it involves chopping/cutting/slicing up stuff with my nifty chef's knives. So, since I get so much flack about being a picky eater, I was thinking of something to the tune of "Picky Pete's Place" for a cooking blog. I do love to write about what I make.
For my personal stuff, I would host a separate blog. I was thinking of launching another domain to cover it. Not quite sure what I'd call it, but I'd be open for suggestions.
Then, I would keep this blog for what I originally intended it for: to be a place where I explore issues and questions of life and faith. Those issues and questions have gotten more controversial lately, but that doesn't change my desire to explore them.
So, I leave it up to you, fair reader. If you have been lurking up to this point, now would be a great time to "delurk" and jump in. If you just haven't commented lately because you haven't felt like it, now would be a really good time to "feel like it." I do write quite a bit for myself, but I keep coming back because I know people are reading. So, if you've just been reading, help me out here and contribute even just a small short comment.


J.M.W. said...

I say stick to one. You are one person with different interests, why should you divide them up like that? And who cares if people read it or not? Just post away and let the chips fall where they may.

wessexcathedral@gmail.com said...

I say one.

Ames said...

I say, do what you want. There is nothing wrong with having a multi-faceted blog. However, if having a plethora of blogs is the kind of thing that floats your boat, go for it. I comment if I feel like I have something half-decent or somewhat witty to say. I also do not post insenstive or offensive comments. (I hope.) Sometimes people get busy and/or just don't feel like commenting, especially if they visit many blogs. I do not think it is a reflection of you or your blog.

uberstrickenfrau said...

I kinda lean toward one stop shopping, I like variety and just what ever is on your mind that day. My blog started out 'cuz I like knitting but that is not my whole life, I think I narrowed the field too much, And just thinking about one thing bores me too much.
And I don't always comment because I feel I have nothing to add thats not already been said.Kinda like today...:O)

Dapoppins said...


Sally said...

I say keep it in one...blog about whatever you want, it's your blog. I read all (ok, most...I skip the video game ones, usually) of your posts, and comment if I feel I can add to the discussion.

Niki said...

One is easier to keep up with! And actually, you have two! ;)

Jared - you're a multi-faceted guy and you should blog about whatever your interests of the day are. Would it please you or depress you to think about who's reading or commenting on each of your blogs? Even the controversial posts you've had some good discussion. Youknowwho hasn't been visiting so there's no worries there. Most of your readers are supportive and encouraging, so I say keep posting and working out the spiritual and life stuff with those of us who take the time to stop by here.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Go with the one blog like you are doing now. Perhaps you can write about certain topics on certain days so you can be a little more organized...but I think if you tried to do the multiple ones it would be too much on you.

Gwen said...

I like the one stop shop, myself. I tried starting a separate blog for recipes, but ended up just focusing on my one main blog after all. As others have said up there ^ we all have a variety of facets to our characters, and I find it interesting to see the range of thoughts that go on between the same two ears.

Dapoppins said...

I join the one stop consensus.

Anne said...

I'm with Sally - I usually skip the video game posts. Sorry.

I think you should do whatever you like. I prefer one though - less places for me to have to jump around to. I'm kinda lazy like that.

clumsy ox said...

I only comment when I feel like I have something to say.

But here's what I have to say: your blog, your rules. If you want to segregate your blog, go ahead. But there's nothing wrong with a single, holistic blog.

Just my opinion.