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Friday, July 06, 2007

Whatever happened to...Whatever Happened to...Robot Jones?

Whatever Happened to...Robot Jones was my favorite Cartoon Network original when it came out. It was "rad" to relive the 80's through the creative mind of the show's creator and writers. It was a look back to a different future. Robots were highly advanced and common-place for service. But Robot Jones and his family were created to interact with humans and learn. As out of place and rather dull as the premise may seem (hasn't it been done before? Terminator, Star Wars, Star Trek anyone?) this was in the context of the psychedelically imagined 80's among tweens hitting the throes of puberty. It is a somewhat similar context to Ed, Edd 'n Eddy, but completely reimagined. If it is ever on, you should make it a point to watch it.

Sadly, it was one of those great shows, somewhat like Freaks and Geeks, that came out with a bang and went out with a whimper because of constant scheduling changes killing the ratings. I didn't catch the last season at all because I could never find it on, and then it was all of a sudden on, and an episode was half over, so I'd not watch it so I could catch it in its entirety when it re-ran. So, I still haven't seen the last season. It makes me kinda sad. They did that to Samurai Jack, too.

Well, my mindless ramblings will end. I've been around to y'all's places lately, but I haven't been commenting as much. My brain is fried from being back and all of the surprise overtime that I've had sprung on me since late yesterday.


uberstrickenfrau said...

Thats too bad about Samurai Jack, but you have to admit, every episode was the same story line, Jack kung-fu'ing a "bad" guy. and I felt they never explained exactly why they were such bitter rivals.

jay logan said...

never heard of robot jones..till now.oh man,ed edd and eddy is one of THE greats of cartoons.have you seen,fosters house for imaginary friends,camp lazlo,and and and...i cant rember the others...

wah...they canceled samuri jack??!9this explains why i never see im anymore...)no!he was so cool!they cant afford to cancel him!what is this world comeing to.*shakes head sadly*

The Family Jewels said...

I was a Smurfs girl myself...I wanted to be Smurfette. Then my mom heard that it was about devil worship and the t.v. went off. When she finally let it come back on we watched You Can't Say That On Televisin (not a cartoon) and she thought that it was controlled by the devil, so the t.v. went off again. I loved going to friends' houses because we could watch a lot of t.v., but then she found a VHS of Rainman that a friend had brought over and flew off the handle because of the rating and our age. Sorry, I just slipped into a whole other topic...back to cartoons...the new stuff just isn't like the old stuff from growing up. Although I am a huge fan of the cartoon making process.

MugwumpMom said...

Can't say I watched cartoons in the 80's, My cartoons were in the 60's (Mighty Mouse - I was always cheering for the cat) and the 70's (Speed Racer and Marine Boy!) Then, when my kids were little in the 90's, I got hooked on their cartoons (Beast Wars for him and Care Bears for her) And of course, what goes around comes around 'cause they're making a Speed Racer movie which I will definitely be seeing.

Niki said...

Freaks and Geeks...loved that show!! Speaking of reliving the 80's, I'll have to show you pics of my hair in high school. yikes. Can you say "big bangs"?

Dapoppins said...

Freaks and Geeks I don't remember. Robot who? How about Sqare Pegs and Ren and Stempy...(Note: I did not like Ren and Stempty. Dumb+gross. But I do remember it)

KingJaymz said...

usf - I never watched Samurai Jack because I expected the story line to vary. But, I'm also a fan of the Dragonball series, so that explains some. I loved the art work of the Samurai Jack series and I found the over all story line compelling. I always wished I could live the life of Samurai Jack!

Jay - While I'm not a huge fan of Camp Lazlo, I do watch it. I just love slapstick. I am a huge fan of Foster's Home though. It is great! I love the opening theme and the artistic style of the animation. The writing is excellent and hilarious too.

You can still catch the last episodes of Samurai Jack on the Toonami Jetstream on the Cartoon Network website. There is a link to it on the Samurai Jack Wikipedia page.

tfj - I was fortunate enough that my parents let me watch the Smurfs and He-Man. My mom thought all they devil worship garbage was junk. They were good to me that way.

The new stuff isn't the old stuff, but you can't compare it. Each generation has an interpretation of how they view their world through cartoons (however, much of the stuff on TV today is just cooked up to get kids addicted to their stupid merchandise, but not Cartoon Network originals).

I'm curious, why'd you want to be Smurfette? Pick of the litter, as it were? (LOL)

MWM - my wife loved Care Bears growing up. She even has a pair of pj pants with Care Bears on them. I will be going to see the Speed Race movie! I can't wait!

Niki - I promise not to post the picture on my blog, but I MUST SEE!!!

dapoppins - Ren and Stimpy rocked! "Don't whiz on the electric fence!" "Would you like to by a rubber neeple, Stimpy?" "Now, quit complaining and get back to hwarfing, meester!" Oh man, those are classic!

You can tell me I watch too much tv. Sorry, I'm just not into classic British lit. I will be trying to crack the Iliad and the Odessey soon, though.