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Friday, August 31, 2007

Autumn, my love

Warning: Strong language (not of the potty mouth variety, but graphic in nature, and it's really just one word) and imagery ahead.

As I looked up to the sky today, I saw puffy, gorgeous cumulus clouds. Like Marsh Mallows, I was entranced by their sweet beauty as they floated in the sky, wishing that I might bite the sweet pillowy edge of one, that the taste of Autumn could fill my mouth.

My soul soared as I felt the wind nip at my flesh. My exposed legs sticking out of my shorts as I walked slowly across the parking lot to the postal boxes. I slowed. I could feel it. I mean, really feel it. The hair on my neck stood tall, as did all the hair follicles all over my body. My arm hair stood at attention like tens of thousands of little soldiers. I shivered.

I gush. Like an emotional orgasm, this moment bringing me to tears. My cheeks grow warm. My eyes well up. Like a forlorn lover waiting for the moment that he might be reunited with his one true love after months of forced separation, my breath grows shallow. My heart beat thumps from deep inside my chest. I can feel it so near, yet cannot apprehend it...just yet...

I look down at my feet for a moment and then up at the sky. I beg God, that autumn might come soon. Oh! that I might see the leaves to turn. That I might taste a fresh apple from the tree. That I might smell the sweet November Rain (GNR, anyone? but seriously, you gotta smell the PNW November rain). That I might feel the sweet chill of the biting wind against my back as I marvel at the falling leaves. That I might see the Japanese maples turn deep red!

I sigh frequently as I type this. Oh, how I long for Autumn. Come soon my love!


Niki said...

Wow. I'm almost speechless. I too long for Autumn. I don't know what else to say...I really am speechless.

Niki said...

O.K. I found my voice again. This was beautiful, and quite descriptive, and shocking at the level of emotion you shared. THAT is what left me speechless.

Ames said...

Pretty darn good little piece, there, King J.

We are all eagerly awaiting Fall and Winter, too. Although, I am somewhat apprehensive that the severe drought and heat may have robbed us of a colourful Fall. I surely hope not.

Jan Parrish said...

Loved this post. It almost makes me yearn for autumn. Almost. We have 3 weeks of summer left and I am going to savor it. THEN I'll welcome autumn.

tonya said...

As a photographer, you are tempting me beyond measure. I sooo want to go up to the Pacific North West. My husband's grandfather lives in Portland, OR. I have been scheming, I mean planning a trip for years. It just hasn't happened, but hopefully one day our family can make it out there! I guess, I know what I am going to post about next, thanks!