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Monday, August 06, 2007

Crying for Robots

That sounds like a pretty cool band name, eh? I like it. Trespassers William (Dapoppins husband) was kind enough to have me out tonight to see Transformers the movie. It was the second time through for me, and it is worth seeing twice. I picked up several details that I missed the first time through...and Optimus Prime just has the coolest freakin' voice, I'd pay just to listen to it...for hours. And there are a few "tear jerker" moments in the film.

There is a scene where the main character's parents are discussing masturbation with him. It isn't a movie for kids, that's for sure. But, it is a scene I have appreciated both times because I was a teenage boy. I heard someone in the restroom talking about this after the movie saying that the movie just shouldn't plain have any of that in it. He mentioned something about "only in the Lord" stuff being done, or some such idea to that effect.

Well, God did create us as sexual beings. There are issues that come with that. I had plenty as a teenager. My parents basically told me "don't have sex before marriage" and that was it. My education on sex came from everywhere else.

Having been through those struggles, I really appreciated that scene in the movie. It helped me look back and laugh at that time in my life. For me, laughter is a coping tool. It helps me confront those feelings and experience a positive release of them. Not everything has a perfect resolution, and if whatever resolution is offered comes in laughter form, sign me up. It helps.

I marvel at the prudish attitude of so many in our society. Where do they think their children will learn about sex from? And why can humor about these issues not be found? It is one thing to tell a dirty joke for kicks, it is something completely different to find humor in different facets of the human condition.


Dapoppins said...

I think it is strange that Transformers and inimate issues can be mentioned in the same post.

Very strange.

That said. That scene in the movie was so embarasingly hilarious. No, it's not a movie for kids, but then we just watched old "Batteries Not Included" and that isn't a movie for kids either.

Dapoppins said...

Why didn't you eat more popcorn? What am I gonna do with all that old stale movie popcorn?