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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Food Blogging Addict

I can’t seem to stop myself. I have way too much enthusiasm about food. I continue to cook and learn. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Tomorrow, I will be making some red sauce from scratch. Well, if you consider canned tomatoes scratch (they’re the only tomatoes worth buying that is available here for ten months out of the year). I’ll of course blog about how that goes and pass on the recipe if it’s worthy of being reproduced.

This is my proud little herb garden. I picked all of these up for about $18(USD) on Friday. Today, I will be digging dirt from an empty fallow field near my apartment complex so that I can place these bad boys into planters and get them going!

From this view, you can clearly see that I have basil (Genovese), dill, rosemary (Tuscan Blue) and garlic chives. I’m stoked about the dill. It goes great in mild cream sauces, and have you ever tried sprinkling a little fresh dill over your pizza just after it comes out of the oven? It’s fantastic! I learned that trick from a couple of Ukrainian gals downtown who ran a small pizza parlor there.

This is a picture of the blooms growing atop my garlic chives. I couldn’t get my cheap little Sanyo to focus well on it from any distance within 4.5 feet of it, so I sharpened it the best I could with Picasa. The blooms kind of smell garlicky (a little) but also sweet from the pollen.

From this view, you can see my oregano (golden), thyme (culinary), and sage (Breggarten). Greek oregano is very pungent. If you dry it, it’s great, but for fresh, it is just far too strong for me. A little would go an incredibly long way. It’s pungentness gets in the way of any herbaciousness it would give off.

Well, I’ll keep you updated on my further culinary adventures as they happen. I’m off now to complete the second lesson that I have to teach today.



clumsy ox said...

Like the pics.

I'm with you on the food passion. And cooking is even more a mark of passion than eating. Anyone can develop a palate for food: it takes more dedication to actually produce food worthy of the discriminating palate.

Home-grown herb---er, herbs---is a good sign that you know what you're doing in the kitchen.

I'm excited by your promise of a red sauce quest. I verty rarely encounter one better than mine, but I hold an utopian ideal for red sauce that I've never actually seen.

Ames said...

Keep those herbs away from the rabbits, man.

Chelf said...

I have little patience and no green thumb for growing my own herbs. I love using fresh Mint. I have to settle for the refrigerated stuff at the market.

I despise anything related to Parsley. If I wanted dead grassy weeds on my plate, I could get them from the sidewalk. Ugh.

I happen to love Rosemary on any kind of Pizza Bread. Oh, and Dill and Basil... YUM!

Choo making me hungry. I have to go get a piece of the Garden Herb bread I got this week from my favorite bakery.

Anne said...

I would love to have fresh herbs but... it's apparently way low on my list.