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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Goings on of the Underemployed

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Well, I have to call Uncle Sam and explain a few things today, and the brakes on the one working vehicle we have are about to go out. I suppose I have plenty to do. It's kinda funny. Neither of these are bugging me, really. Things always seem to work out.

It was great getting to go to a massage and adjustment yesterday, but my neck is feeling even worse now. However, my lower back is feeling fine. I'll take one out of two, though. I'll probably soak in a warm bath for a while to try to rid myself of the neck ache. Then I'll put some Bio-Freeze on it (it's like Bengay, only Bio-Freeze actually works and doesn't give me a horrible rash). If that doesn't work, I'll reach for the Advil. If that doesn't work, I suppose I'll reach for an amber ale. If that doesn't work, I'll just have to deal with it. Not much I can do beyond that. I'm not a hard liquor kinda guy, and being short on cash and it not being cheap, I'll just hope that it works at the warm bath and Bio-Freeze level.

I laughed pretty hard at the above Get Fuzzy comic. It's hilarious on a multitude of levels, no matter which side of the political line you seem to fall (as I don't really fall on either, I find it hilarious on a multitude of levels). So, here's a good laugh.

Oh, and if today is your first time here, read some previous posts. I'm not usually this whiny or shallow. I just haven't much to say so I'm rambling.

It's Foody Friday tomorrow, people. I'm hoping to have something great cooked up for you.



~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I hope things work out.

Jaye Logan said...

i like the fact that the cats sarcastic.i've always liked sarcastic cats because if they could talk,they'd always b saying something along those lines.LOL

Looney Mom said...

I have bio-freeze on hand for when my back acts up too. I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

Dapoppins said...

Yes. Food. What are you cooking and what time should the six of us arrive? Do you need us to bring anything?

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Jared thanks for coming by my blog. I am honored to have you there. To answer your question, I do have a book, with John Mark Hicks, called "Kingdom Come: Embracing the Spiritual Heritage of David Lipscomb and James Harding" you can get this from Amazon .... just search for the title.

Hope to see you again.

Bobby Valentine