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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Journey Remembered

I've been wanting to post on this since it made news last Monday. Bill Walsh passed away at the age of 75. He had been battling leukemia. He passed on peacefully and surrounded by his family.

This is significant/important to me because he was the architect responsible for the hall of fame career Joe Montana had. He took over as coach for the San Francisco 49ers in 1979 and retired after winning his third SuperBowl with them in 1988. He actually spent more of his career coaching college football than he did at the NFL level, but his institution of the "West Coast" style offense is what revitalized the game of football and made it what it is today. I was a big time Niners fan back in the 80's and early 90's. I always loved Joe Montana, Bill Walsh and Jerry Rice. I still do. But it had more to do with who they were than it did with the game of football.

Bill was a humanitarian. It was nearly impossible during his time for a person of color to become a head coach in the NFL because they had to break into the "good ol' boys club" to do it (a club consisting of the team ownership and other influential members of NFL leadership). He started a minority coaching mentorship program. He wasn't just someone focused only on his own success.

And his players, assistants and everyone around him all said the same. They all still speak passionately about him. He was more than a successful NFL coach. He was a great human being who did right and good with is position and power. I've always been fond of him, and this world is a little bit of a darker place without his light shining.

Though they may never read this, I'd like to extend my sincere condolences to all of Bill Walsh's family and friends. There are many more who feel this loss and mourn with you.

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Delia said...

This is a nice tribute, Jared.