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Friday, August 24, 2007

Some Clarification

As so I don't get Ox in any trouble, he gave me no recipe (even though he pretty much openly and enticingly bragged about his "recipe"). You don't cook good Italian from a recipe. It can't really be done. It has to be in the method of the "old Italian grandma" way, meaning all by "feel."

Now that I've covered his a**, I'm going.

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Chelf said...

Lots of time in a HUGE pot, simmering. Spices have to be added in a certain order (but that is all up to you), and given the chance to effect the sauce before adding another to change the overall flavor.

Rachael Ray calls it "eyeball" cooking. Don't measure, just guess, dump, eyeball it! If it looks good, you got it! I have the measuring tools, but I rarely use them. Cookies, yes. Italian, no. Simple. :-)