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Thursday, September 13, 2007

And the chorus chimes in...[Update]

It's the most wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeaaaar!

We are going to have a stretch of time where it will cool down enough for successful fermentation to take place! I have enough stuff to make 8 gallons of a Belgian white beer. That may sound like a ton, but 3 gallons of it are already spoken for. You get about 10 bottles to the gallon. Anyway...I'm incredibly excited. I will pitch yeast on this batch on Sunday. Life is good...

This right here is the reason I never got back on yesterday. This is not a game, just for clarification. It is a guitar simulator. You can play the Nintendo DS like a guitar with over 100 chord samples and about 10 different effects avaliable. I spent a couple of hours playing this yesterday and I spent 4-5 hours running errands, so I was pretty busy otherwise anyways.

I already can play Like a Rollin' Stone" by Bob Dylan, "Jack-Ass" by Beck, "Yellow" by Coldplay and "No Woman, No Cry" by Bob Marley. I haven't completely mastered them yet, but I can play them very competently.
A big motivator for me to get this is because no one at our house church is musically inclined, so we all just go acapella, which is very difficult sometimes because we are small and none of us have incredibly gifted voices (that I've noticed, anyhow). I will get an adapter to plug my DS into my Fender amp (I got it at a garage sale). I just need to learn some church songs now...

Say what you will about it, but I'm not incredibly musically inclined, so this is a really awesome tool for me. If you are curious about it's capability, you should check out the Jam Sessions myspace page. It has some great video of some bands like Taking Back Sunday, Andy Swanson, and Chasom using it to make some pretty awesome music. There are also a few explanatory walk-through videos with the producer of Jam Sessions. It's really worth checking out.

I've been listening to my local alternative station a lot lately because NPR is doing a ton of stuff on the Iraq war. They usually have a small story on something related to it every couple hours or so, but, since General Patreus' report to congress, it's been that all day, all the freakin' time and that gets really old quickly. Anyway, back to the point here, I think the local alternative station is gearing their music toward my age group, which really excites me. Today, for the first time in probably close to ten years, I heard Epic sing "Faith No More" one of the best songs of my teen years. I've also heard Pearl Jam, Eve 6, and several others that aren't coming to mind at this half-second. Yeah, it's been nice. I forgot how much I really enjoyed the music of my youth. It wasn't all depression and anger, as I remembered. I must say, looking back, I did have a great taste in music (still do). I'm gonna have to remember to tune in regularly.

Well, I'll have something for y'all tomorrow. I'm off to get my car fixed (again...(UGH)...). The brakes are still a little too tight.


[Update: They have no room for the car today, so they will have to look at it tomorrow. If anyone wants to give me a ride, y'all have my email address. It'd be much appreciated.]


clumsy ox said...

"I have enough stuff to make 8 gallons of a Belgian white beer. That may sound like a ton, but 3 gallons of it are already spoken for."

I have the same problem: I get too generous with my hard work and end up giving it all away before I ever taste it.

Of course, beer takes a lot more time than what I usually promise away.

R said...

Hooray for homemade beer! Wish I could try it! I bet it will be astounding.

Too bad no one in your group is musically inclined. Usually someone can play guitar or passably sing. :(