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Monday, September 17, 2007

Brew for Captain Whatshisname

I love the old Simpsons (pretty much everything before about the 2002 season) and I love Futurama, too. If you've never seen Futurama, you're missing out. Some of the episodes are more gross than funny, but most are really good.

A couple of days before I brewed beer, I saw the one where they brew beer on the show and use Bender as the fermenter. It's pretty hilarious. They talk about what to name the beer, and that got me thinking about what to name my beer. It is a Belgian wit bier (aka Belgian white beer), so I was thinking of naming it "Smart Ass" Belgian wit. But, that just sounds so run of the mill, almost. Any jackass could come up with that. So, I'm trying to think of something more creative. It's looking and smelling wonderful as it is fermenting out, though. I'm a proud beer papa.

Brewing went pretty smooth. I made up Belgian candy sugar to go in both 4 gallon batches. Each batch took 1.25 lbs (750g). It turned out to be pretty easy to make. It was a fun little side track during the whole brewing process. The beer came out a lot darker than I expected it to, but I'm not upset by that. I have 20 bottles earmarked for my house church coordinator, though, and he only drinks lighter stuff, so I'm hoping it will be to his liking. That is why I brewed a wit, I wanted to give him something he'd enjoy drinking. Here's to hoping. He's a good guy, though, and I know he'll be genuinely grateful for whatever it ends up being.

Up next will be a 5 gallon batch of blackberry wine. Jen's almost out of her favorite stuff, Tisdale Shiraz (I think she has about 13 or 14 bottles left), and the stuff I make will need at least 3 months to be ready. It'd be better if we could give it six months, but I'm not sure if it will age that long before we start drinking on it.

I love brewing and making wine. It is truly an extension for my strong love of being in the kitchen and cooking. It is a sacred part of who I am. I am beginning to think that maybe I need to start saving and planning to open my own restaurant and brewery. I was thinking that doing it for a living might suck all of the joy out of it, but if I don't enjoy any other job I have, what's the difference? The key will be staying small enough to enjoy what I do, yet being just large enough to turn a profit that I can live off of.

I was going to talk about some spiritually challenging things, but I didn't realize I was going to go this long on this post. I guess I'll save it for tomorrow. Pray that my mechanic gets some inspiration and finally fixes my car tomorrow. I have to dance with the one that brought me or pay out of pocket, and since I am jobless, you can guess which one I'm doing.



Shan said...

Belgium, Belgium…..just free-associating here….. what about “Meet Your Waterbrew”? or would that be too subtle….. maybe “Der Flanderbrau” …or “White Wellington”?

Looney Mom said...

No idea but it would be nice if you could send me some. ;) A restaurant with home-brewed beer would be cool. We keep thinking maybe some day God will let us have our own business. Miss you Li'l Brudder.

Chelf said...

We have a place here called BJ's that just opened, and I hear that they brew their own beers. Restaurant and Brewhouse, that is what it says on the sign. You should come and try it, and tell me what to think about it, as I don't really like beer.
I don't much like Simpsons or Futurama, but they both have their moments. My favorite Futurama moment:

Bender's head as it is carried down the side of a skyscraper: Get a room!

Couple in bed in the room: We have a room!

Bender: Well, lose some weight!
King of Jaymz Beer. No, that sounds worse than attaching James to the Bible. And calling it King and Beer in the same sentence may get you in trouble with Coors. Licensing and all. um.... Waffle Wit Bier

I mean, we blame France for their lack of stance, but you can always trust the Belgians to waffle.

don't mind me, I am just silly.