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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cobbler Debriefing

I only tried one cobbler recipe over the weekend. I haven't gotten to the cake mix one yet. But, here are my findings:

I could have reduced the amount of sugar added to the berries by at least 2 tablespoons. I also could have reduced the amount of lemon juice to 1 teaspoon. It was just a little to sweet and too tart all at the same time. However, it was so freakin' delicious, it was gone quickly. My next cobbler will have the above modifications made to it.

This has also changed how I will do the cake mix cobbler, though. I will cut the butter into the cake mix and I will use just enough water to bring it together before I put it over the top of the berries. That method worked really well in browning the top of the other cobbler. I have to say, it has some pretty tough competition. That first recipe I tried is the best cobbler topping I ever tasted.

I'm linking to a short article here that you just have to read. It's just a few paragraphs long. I have four words for you: "baby delivery" and "shrimp boat". Yeah, go read it.

That's all the fun I have for today. Tomorrow, I think I'll tackle something deeper.


R said...

Looks great. You need to teach Dear Sir to cook.

Niki said...

The cobbler looks fabulous! Just wait...you'll be my personal chef as soon as I hit the jackpot! Oh wait, to win you have to play...

Keep sharing recipes...sigh!

Looney Mom said...

We had over 1,000 peaches from Uncle Howard's peach tree last month and I made some cobblers, syrup, ice cream, smoothies, etc. Very good.

That berry one looks good!

Delia said...

I haven't had a blackberry cobbler in years! And that one looks so good! I'm hungry now.