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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Day Off...kinda

I'm trying to take today off...a little. I have to take the car in again at noon and pray that whatever they do to it finally fixes the brakes for good. I'm flabberghasted at this point. I don't know what to say, do or think. I was really wiped out and drained all day yesterday. I'm still feeling a bit tired today. So, I'm taking the day off. I need some time to just relax, ponder and pray without guilt.

Please pray for Benny and Niki Nowell. They're under some pretty severe spiritual attack right now. I'm trying to help rally the prayer troops around them. Niki woke up this morning and something popped in her back, followed by severe pain. She's getting it treated today, but I haven't heard back from her on how it went. They are concerned that they have some dark spiritual issues coming at them. So, I ask that you take it to the Lord on their behalf. They've been on my mind this morning.

I hope to have good news on some of this stuff tomorrow, and maybe something exciting and challenging to share. We'll see.


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