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Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Quick Dunk

This weekend, we had the privilege of attending the baptism of one of the "very youngin's" of our house church. I even got to sign as a witness on the certificate. Awww. Alex got dunked, and I captured this shot just as our house church coordinator was takin' her under. I chuckled to myself when I saw it after the event. I was the official-unofficial photographer. It was a fun and challenging task.

Down below is Alex with her mom and dad. They're a great family, and people I feel incredibly privileged to know. Her mom is probably the most competent, loving and capable parent I've ever had the pleasure of being acquainted with. If I'm half the dad that she is a mom, I'm certain that I'll have done more than enough to ensure my children a good upbringing.

We also went and visited Dapoppins and Trespassers William afterward. The children were cherub-faced and sweet, again. They are very vibrant and full of life. I see very much of myself in two of their boys. It would be very hard to dislike them.
I showed Dapoppins the way of the Bialetti. Now, here's to hoping she acts on it. I keep tellin' you people about stove top espresso makers, and yet I hear of so few people taking up that yoke. It is easy and light (not to mention way less expensive than the alternative).
I'm nearing a total of 300 posts, and I reflect on the privileges and joys that blogging has brought me. Getting to know them has been a big one.
I tried the second cobbler recipe I gave you all on Friday, and I'll elaborate and offer analysis of it tomorrow.


Jan Parrish said...

What a wonderful post. You can see the joy on Alex's face.

Too cold for a baptism here. It's supposed to only get up to 62 today.

300 posts? Awesome. I didn't know you were such a pro.

Jan Parrish said...

P.S. there is a lively discussion on tattoos on my blog, I invite you to participate. :)

Dapoppins said...

That cute little coffee maker has a name? Huh. Well it does make perfect coffee. I will give you that...You said I could get it at Target, right?

Niki said...

I love baptism pictures...good job!
What a great thing to celebrate!

Delia said...

That picture is awesome. You did great as the official/unofficial photographer.